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The 1/2 Day Red Carpet VIP Experience!


Create Results In Your Business This Year!


Attention coaches who want to create more income, attract a bigger list, and raving fans this year and rock the rest of 2019!


Who else wants to attract more money, build a bigger list, and turn raving fans into clients this year? 


…The amazing thing of course is the speed at which the 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience works. It’s rather remarkable that you can plan out your business, identify your ideal client, create your client attraction magnet, structure a nurture sequence, and your nail down your sales process while working with the natural flow of the Universe. You do this with ease by working with me and allowing me to guide you to the way you LOVE doing business while making more money!


It's time to knock 2020 outta the park and bring in the manifesting flow!   


"I searched and ask and researched and Mary came into my life and I cannot tell you how she has helped me change how I thought of who I was, into becoming who I am supposed to be. She is an incredible blessing and yes I pay her but she is worth EVERY bit of it!" Sue Vannice - Financial Planner


If you want to manifest more income, more leads, and more clients then this is some of the most important information you're going to receive for 2020.


Here’s why…


I've just released “The 1/2 Day Red Carpet VIP Experience” with personalized attention from me while we build your business out!


Here's a taste of what you’ll discover while working with me on your special day:


  • Get crystal clear on your dream business

  • Discover exactly who your dream client is and how you want to work with them

  • Attract a massive community of raving fans with your client attraction magnet

  • Seduce your fans and bring them into your community

  • Serenade them with your unique voice through your nurture sequence

  • Seal the deal with your fans and turn them into amazing clients

  • Discover your 5 star experience and blow your clients minds with your services

  • And so much more!


Imagine Having A Daily Plan That Gives You All Of This:


  • With your personalized plan you will have peace of mind knowing what exactly your dream client is looking for and how you can best serve them. Saying goodbye to confusion and overwhelm!
  • Permission to make your business a priority and build it with your heart and soul leading the way! Hello confidence!
  • Know how to best communicate your ideas, your passion, and have it be well received! You will be heard and appreciated!
  • Have your sales process laid out for you so you create more income, build a bigger list, and turn fans into your dream clients who beg to work with you! Bring it on!


That’s just a small sample of what you create when you take advantage of my 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience


“Three Powerful Reasons You Should Believe What I Say”



Reason One: I've helped thousands of people with their sales process, helping them build out their offers, systemize their sales process, and create more abundance in their business! I've helped actresses, models, coaches, farmers, nurses, financial planners and the list goes on and on! This information works with all types of coaches.



Reason Two: I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Certified Cash Injection Specialist, Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Rapid Results Coach, Certified Content Marketing Coach, Certified Sales Coach, Certified Business Model Breakthrough Coach, and a few more certifications.Human Design Specialist, and a Licensed Astrology and Numerology Practitioner. I blend all of my knowledge and give you all you need to create your desires around your business, money, and your dream clients. I don't hold anything back!  



Reason Three: I have an arsenal of testimonials from my clients. These are real results that real people have gotten using by working with me to change their results! You’ll hear from some of my clients in just a minute. (By the way these are NOT made up. Every single one of them AND dozens more are on file at my office.)


Now, you absolutely don’t need me to build out your dream business or make more money. You can do nothing, learn it by trial and error on your own, read blogs or watch webinar after webinar that are general and have you still searching for the answers.


You can join me for a 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience designed specifically for people who want to bring in more clients and income in 2020 and create more around their business, money, and transformation in their client's lives.


My personalized attention will reveal how you can work with Universal energy and flow while building your dream business with ease and peace of mind with real result targeted strategies. The VIP Experience is simply that powerful. 


In addition to tapping into your dream business and building it out this year, the 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience contains deep and amazing insights that…


Allow you to plan out all our business with complete confidence!


When you work with me you'll have an unfair advantage because I've been there and I know what works! I blend spiritual techniques and solid strategies giving you the best of both worlds!


Again, here’s a sneak peak about what you’ll get…


  • Get crystal clear on your dream business

  • Discover exactly who your dream client is and how you want to work with them

  • Attract a massive community of raving fans with your client attraction magnet

  • Seduce your fans and bring them into your community

  • Serenade them with your unique voice through your nurture sequence

  • Seal the deal with your fans and turn them into amazing clients

  • Discover your 5 star experience and blow your clients minds with your services

  • And so much more!


Remember, Having A Daily Plan That Provides You All Of This Gives You an Unfair Advantage:


  • By working with me, you will have the knowledge and confidence in knowing that you are building your business in a way that works with a solid strategy while using your intuition.  No more confusion or overwhelm!
  • Release guilt and give yourself permission to make your business a priority and build it with your heart and soul leading the way! Hello confidence!
  • Find your unique special sauce that attracts your ideal client to you! You will be heard and appreciated! 
  • Know what to sell and when to sell it so you create more income! No more worry around what your clients want! 
  • And you'll have the awareness as to how to bring in cash on demand! You can have it all!


In addition to the 1/2  day Red Carpet VIP Experience you're also going to get.....


Two full months of access to me through your private slack channel Monday through Friday. You'll receive support from me while you implement your strategy and grow your business. And, you'll receive access to The Seductive Sales Solution™ online program worth $995 which walks you through each step, giving you examples, templates, and even more strategies you can use. You'll have all the support you need! That will give you the upper hand when you need to plan out your next step!


Now, I know that you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. But….don’t take my word for it.


Listen To What Another One Of My Clients Has To Say…


"“Mary’s coaching helped me accomplish more in 6 months than I did on my own in 4 ½ years!!! Mary’s inspiring, insightful and a trü badass! (and I mean that in the best possible way!)” 

~ Audrey Shaw
Trü Blends


Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Personal Coaching Unless They Meet The Following 3 Criteria…


There is a lot of confusion surrounding building a successful online coaching business . I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in any services.


One: Make sure the person that you are working with has DEEP knowledge of the information they are giving you. Meaning, do the have a certification or a license to do the work you are hiring them for?


Two: Make sure the service is multi-dimensional. Are you paying for just one side of the picture or are you receiving layers of information about your unique energy and your own personal strategy? (You don't want a general way to build your business!)


Three: Make sure your service is being done by the one who is selling it and not a hired coach! It is common in this industry for people to pass you on to a coach that they have hired to do the work for them, so you aren't really working with the coach you signed on with.


By now you’re probably wondering “How much does this cost”


VIP Days, like the 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience can cost up to $10,000.00 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to the day you'll spend with me because I blend both spiritual techniques and proven strategies to build out your plan. This is extremely personalized! I work with you so that you have the support you need. I'm not handing them off to an assistant or another coach. I am the one helping you along your path!


But I have a big savings for you!


I could easily charge $12,000.00 for 6 months of coaching with me (which I do). I know many coaches that charge more than that! But I'm not going to ask you to pay those kind of rates. 

You get your personalized 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience delivered personally by me for only $998.00 one time payment or 3 monthly payments for $367.00! 


So what’s my hidden motive? Why am I practically giving away the 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience?


I am deeply passionate about helping people. I want you to understand that you have SO much potential and with this edge you can make 2020 your year. You will be working with your own energy and your own unique plan to make 2020 the best year you have ever had! I am more interested in you getting the results YOU want without burnout, overwhelm, and doubt! I want to gain your trust by showing you how this all works and you getting the results you desire! Then once I have gained your trust and confidence as a client, you'll be shouting from the roof tops about my services and will keep coming back for more! That's a win/win in my book!



Why am I offering you the 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience at such a low offer, that you won’t see anywhere else?


It’s really quite simple. First I KNOW my 1/2 day Red Carpet VIP Experience will knock you off your feet. You will have insider knowledge of how to flow with ease and grace into abundance without all the hassle of guess work! 


Get ready to create more love, wealth, and over all prosperity!


Love and hugs,



P.S. Connie Diaz sent me the following testimonial…I guarantee you’ll feel the same way.


"I love how Mary immediately put me at ease at the beginning of our call and made it clear that our chat will be focused on me and what I'm struggling with. It made me feel heard and valued. Mary made sure that I "shifted" my thinking if my mindset was not where it should be. This is GOLD. If your head and mindset is not in the right place, you certainly will be sabotaging any and all effort going forward. I received lots of valuable tips and guidance and what to do, step by step and when. I deeply appreciated how candid Mary was with her own struggles to launch her online business. She has given me the confidence and the game plan I need to take the next step. I highly recommend Mary to lead you down the right path in your business. Thank you Mary!"


P.P.S. This offer goes away on January 30 at midnight  

  • Disclosure: All VIP days will occur after all payments are made. These events are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any person. All purchases are final.

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