Hello, I'm Mary Silver.


I've always loved to write, but I struggled to stay motivated with finishing my books. Everything changed when I realized that I could incorporate my purpose work that I love into a best-selling book that showcased my best work.

Mary's Story


Mary Silver MSW is the best-selling author of Impact Millions- The Easiest Way to Attract Soulmate Clients Every Day who helps coaches, aspiring authors, & visionaries get their message out in a BIG way by writing their book, so they can Impact Millions, work with their soulmate clients, create aligned profit paths, and build their online dynasty. She is a master at mindset and helps her clients take the action needed through intuition and proven strategies to create a business they love.


She received her Master’s degree in Social Work in 1997, became a certified Law of Attraction Coach in 2008, holds numerous other certifications such as a Rapid Results Coach, Business Breakthrough Coach, and Cash Injection Certified Coach, and has spent over 20 years in the professional field of helping people get what they want. She is passionate about helping women gain financial independence and freedom by building an online empire that is fueled by their passions!


She was featured in Yahoo Finance as One of the Top 10 Success Coaches to Follow in 2021. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ASK, Thrive Global, Bustle, Medium, and many other media outlets. She is an award-winning coach named one of the top professionals in her field in 2018. For more information about Mary, visit www.marybaileysilver.com


Other Certifications and Licenses: Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Business Model Breakthrough Coach, Certified Cash Injection Coach, Certified Content Marketing Coach, Reiki, Licensed Astrology and Numerology Practitioner, Human Design Level 3, Bob Proctor Coaching Graduate


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