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Scorpio Full Moon

Pink Full Moon In Scorpio

There are some pretty cool themes to explore here so let's dive in!  It's called a Pink Moon because it "heralds the appearance of the “moss pink,” or wild ground phlox- one of the first spring flowers." According to the Farmers Almanac.  


The Full Moon at 9° in Scorpio is happening on April 29th (in the States), April 30th (in other parts of the world).  The Sun is also at 9°, as it is sitting opposite of the Moon.  On April 30th, the Universal date is a 9.  This activates a triple 9 code.  This is a very compassionate, loving theme of release for this Full Moon.  Since it is a triple code, expect this theme to be intensified.  Which brings me to the Scorpio energy of this event.


It is happening in the sign of Scorpio, which is a deeply intense sign.  You can expect to feel the intensity.  You have Scorpio, the sign of deep truth, power, and...

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October Full Moon In Aries

Now, for the October Full Moon report! 

Let's look at the month of October before we dive deep into the Full Moon energy.  We have a lot of Scorpio energy being activated this month, as Pluto and Mars are being triggered multiple times.  Pluto is the current ruler of Scorpio, and Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio.  Scorpio energy is deep, passionate, sexual, transformational, and intense. 

The first activation of this energy happens on October 1st, fusing the entire month with a deep desire to transform anything that isn't working for us, especially in the sexual and passionate sectors of our lives.  The month of October is an 11 Universal month, connecting us to the gateway of our desires.  The 11 energy is asking us to step-up and work with a partner, while standing on our own 2 feet.  The intuitive insights that are available this entire month, are direct messages from the Universe.  It is time to pay attention and bring to light...

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Full Flower Moon In Scorpio

On May 10th the Full Flower Moon will occur in the sign Scorpio.  This will be one of the most auspicious Full moon’s of the year!  Your relationships and life have the energy of great transformation behind them right now, it’s what the Scorpio energy is all about.  Scorpio is known for being intense and going deep.  Scorpio energy wants to know every last bit there is to know about you and those deep desires. The energy can’t be denied.  When you are in Scorpio energy, you are commanded to feel! Not in a surface level way, but a deep sensual, intense way.  Scorpio is a water sign so it is about the depths of your emotions.  The Full Moon is a time to release so this energy is asking you to let some of this go so you can move into the love that you are seeking or create a deeper love with your partner now!

Be careful with this energy!  It is important not to let your emotions get the best of you....

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