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"Oh, it's so hard!"

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common statements I hear.  Living your life on purpose takes a certain amount of confidence.  It also takes certain amount of strength.  Most of the time you will be going against what society believes as normal.  That is when you will see resistance show up!  So if let’s talk about how that looks for people and how they can get through it.

Imagine that you are in a career that doesn’t really bring you joy or satisfaction. You have decided to step off of the path you’re on and start creating something that your heart desires.  After creating an outline for the direction you want to go, you’ve determined that you would like to step out and start your own business. Now it could be something along the lines of selling vitamins or juices or a service.  Whatever it is, it is different than what you do now.

When you first start out you’re going to have to enroll...

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