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Mind Blowing Sales

Building your dream business is fun!


Working with clients is fun!


Creating programs that help people.....FUN!


Making mind blowing sales........(screech...) oh no, I think we hit a snag!


I hear it all the time!


Mary, I love working with people but I hate "selling" to them!


Have you ever wondered why it's so easy for some people to sell and other people struggle with it?


The crazy thing is that it has little to do with tools, strategies, or scripts.


There is one thing that makes the difference between being good at selling and hating selling. It's all about what the person thinks about sales. It's their mindset around selling.


I'm around a lot of people who sell every day and the attitude that the successful ones have is that sales are a service not a chore.


Maybe you've heard someone say this before but it's true, when you shift from the sale being something that goes against someone to the view that...

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Power Pack Your Packages

Let's talk about packaging your services.


Through this series, I've talked with you around list building (need that step - click here), nurturing or serving your audience (need that step - click here), and now I want to take you through power packing your packages!


What do I mean by this?


When you are building your online business you will want to have something to sell to your audience. This will be something of high value!


This is where you help them receive the transformation you are promising.


Remember, people hire you because they want YOU to help them receive that one thing that you have or have helped other people achieve.


(Do You Want Help Planning Out Your High Value Coaching Package? Download Your Free "Power Pack Your Package" Planner Here!)


When you offer your services, you're offering them a chance to create that change in their life.


This is exactly why you put your best stuff in your package! 



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