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Your Power this Aries New Moon


Your Power this Aries New Moon

Whew, what a crazy month it's been so far!  The energy was pretty intense through the last 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde.  I used it in my favor to complete a few important projects and get my taxes done.


How did you manage your energy over the last few weeks?


Now for the good news, everything is about to shift in a big way!  It all starts on April 14th, the day before the New Moon and when Mercury stations direct after being retrograde (going backwards) for the last 3 weeks.


On April 14th, Jupiter, the planet of luck, joy, and expansion, and Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and truth, create a VERY auspicious angle in the sky, called a sextile.  


This angle triggers amazing energy in the form of wealth, power, impact, and influence.  It is usually associated with your career yet it plays out over all areas in your life.  It is powerful energy that touches the depth of you truth.

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Activate your abundance this Blue Full Moon

How's Mercury retrograde been for you so far?  It has been pretty pleasant for me, yet it has been more of a personal time that I have been experiencing. 

As you know, I took a couple of weeks to go inward and find more of my truth.  I turned off all my notifications and only checked my email, social media account, and messages 1 time a day.  Sure, I did client work but let them know I would be answering questions during a specific time.  It was wonderful!

I also started my journey of becoming Reiki certified!  I love energy work and have been drawn to this healing modality for some time now.  I have a ton of insights on how I want to share this with you and help you with healing around love, money, relationships, and living in prosperity!  I am super excited to share those details but all in due time.  The emotional connection I feel to myself right now is mind-blowing.

WOW!  What a difference I have...

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New Moon in Pisces

Wow, I don't know about you but my clients, friends, and loved ones have been really feeling the intensity of the energy.  I, for one, have struggled this month as well.  Not in a dysfunctional way but in a way that got me thinking about very deep healing.  Going inward to find those areas in my soul that want to feel understood, free, and loved.  

Can you relate?

One of the reasons things have been so intense energetically is because Jupiter went retrograde in Scorpio.  Jupiter is the planet of joy, happiness, luck, and expansion.  When it goes retrograde, it's a time to go inward and assess what makes you happy.  What brings you joy and helps you manifest on the level of pure luck?  What will help you expand?  Explore these questions through journaling to help you get clear and bring forth any new revelations.

While Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio, this creates an intensity that can be difficult to go through. ...

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Navigate the Holidays with Ease

With so much going on with the holidays and the Universal energy right now, I wanted to give you a way to navigate with ease this next week.  Let's get right to it because there is a lot to cover!

My clients come to me a lot during this time of year.  There are tons of emotions that get triggered in people due to money and relationship issues.  I want to explore how to accept these emotions and possible interactions with your loved ones by understanding that there is more than meets the eye here.  Yes, we all have family patterns that are both healthy and unhealthy.  When you learn to work with the energy around you, you begin to navigate with more peace and happiness.  So, just how do you do this?

First, today is the winter solstice in the US.  The winter solstice is a time to go inward and reflect.  It is about hope for the new season to bring light to our current situation.  It is about faith that all will work...

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Full Super Moon in Gemini

December 3rd we will have a Full Super Moon at 3:47 UTC.  In the States, it will be 10:47 AM Eastern Time, 7:47 AM Pacific Time.  This Full Moon is happening at 11° in Gemini.  The Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune will all be sitting at 11°.  Mercury begins to retrograde (go backwards in movement) at 29°, which reduces to an 11.  This is a very important note to make of this Full Moon.  11 is the master number of spiritual mastery, great psychic powers, and connection between the higher realms and the Earth plane. 

We will have 4 sky bodies sitting at this degree, with Mercury holding the same type of energy.  This is a time of great insights and clearly a time to envision what you want to create for the future, as your ideas are coming from your higher self.  You will have heightened abilities to tap into those deep desires and bring them to the light.  The Moon is asking you to feel your emotions and connect with...

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Welcome to May

This month is an amazing time for love and abundance! The energy is in full swing! What does this mean for you?

May is a 15/6 Universal month.  6 is in the self expression triad so your desire to nurture and express love is alive and well!  I talked last week about 6 being the number of love, service, and responsibility.  When you blend all of this together love and abundance come shining through.  Let’s take a deeper look….

Mercury, the planet of communication has been in retrograde and will go direct on May 3rd.  That will open up any communication issues that have been stalled over the last 3 weeks.  Mercury is also the planet that rules the 6th house, the house of service, responsibilities, and health.  The 6th house is being activated with the energy of the month.  It is a time to open up the lines of communications. This supports love and relationships on all levels!  Communication is the key to an understanding and...

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