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February New Moon Solar Eclipse

Did you know that the last time there wasn't a Full Moon in February was in 1999!  Isn't that crazy.  Think back to what you were doing in 1999.  It really gives you perspective as to the leaps and bounds you've made since then.  That's why this month is so important!

This New Moon is the only lunation that will occur this month and a partial solar eclipse will occur at the same time!  Now this is pretty spectacular.  Let's dive in and take a look at what you can bring into your life by using this energy.

The New Moon will happen in Aquarius at 27° on February 15th, 4:06 PM ET. Remember, a New Moon is a time to set intentions and give life to a new idea.  This New Moon and Solar Eclipse are forming a positive angle to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.  So you can bet you are going to be tapping into some pretty unique ideas around your independence and personal freedom.  Expect major break throughs with this...

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Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius

WOW!!!  The Full Moon that is happening on Friday is going to knock your socks off! 

This Full Moon is happening at 18° in Sagittarius on June 9th!  This energy kicks of a double 9 energy code.  That means that there is an abundance of love, compassion, and considerate energy all around us.  It also allows us to release past patterns that are holding us back in love.  This is a time to look at how we can connect to one another and be helpful.  It opens up our hearts and allows us to show unconditional love! 

There is even more abundance to tap into around love on the 9th because Jupiter which is ruled by Sagittarius, goes direct the same day!  Jupiter is the planet of expansion, joy, abundance, and it’s know as the planet of LUCK.  Woohoo!  This is intensified by the Full Moon and the fact that Sagittarius is infusing the sky with this energy as well.  This energy holds the wisdom of the great lover!...

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Thriving in Love and Life Using Venus Energy!

We are at a time where Venus, the planet of love and prosperity is passing over where it went retrograde on May 3rd.  This is a big deal!  With Venus moving past this spot, the energy of love and prosperity is in full force moving forward!  That means you can tap into this energy and use it in your favor!

This entire month has been about getting clear on what you want in regards to love and life!  We have explored digging in deep (Taurus energy) and getting clear on how we define our relationships.  Remember, we are also in the month of May which carries the number 5 energy, which is about freedom, change, and movement.  This particular year, May is a 6 Universal Month.  The 6 energy embodies being nurturing, loving, and living in abundance!

What that tells us is that this is a time of love, abundance, moving forward, and feeling free to make decisions that support us.  Love and abundance are the messages here!  This...

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