Can You Believe It?

Can you believe that 2018 is heading into the last quarter of the year?


It blows my mind how fast things go.


That got me thinking of how we relate to time. I hear my clients say to me, "It's just not happening fast enough!" And in the same breath say "I feel like I don't have enough time!"


It's a pretty fascinating dichotomy if you think about it.


First, you have this feeling that things are taking way too much time to show up for you, such as money or something you really want. Then, you have this feeling that things are happening too fast therefore leaving you with no time to do the things you need to do to bring your desire into form.


Think about how you put these feelings out into the world.


If the Universe responds to the sum total of what we are feeling, which is the Law of Attraction, then how does it know what to respond to?


Time can't be moving too slow and too fast in the...

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Quantum Success with Christy Whitman


Do you want to know how to create more abundance and have quantum success in your life now?


Join me for this interview with New York Times best selling author, Christy Whitman. We discuss how to create quantum success and the path to unlimited abundance. Enjoy this honest talk around energy work and how it works in your every day life!




Christy offers a copy of her new book Quantum Success 7 Essentials Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money.




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Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

I want to talk today about something that is near and dear to my heart and that is the subject of manifesting. See many people misunderstand what manifesting is, so I want to discuss it and go as in depth as I can in the short time that I have to share with you.


What is manifesting? That's the big question well. Manifesting is not magic. It's something that you do every single day whether you know it or not. The misunderstand happen when people believe that manifesting means that you can just think about something and Poof, it pops out of thin air and there you go. You've won the lottery or something like that.


Now those things can occur, but the real action that is behind manifesting is awareness. The entire movement of energy is emotion. Emotion, manifestation takes emotion in order for it to come to fruition.



When you are focused on your emotions and your thinking positively about those emotions, you're raising your vibrations. You're...

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Adventure and enthusiasm for this Full Moon

The full moon in Sagittarius happens tomorrow at 10:20 AM ET.


Full moons are always about releasing past issues that no longer serve you. This also occurs on a 9 Universal day, which doubles the intensity of release. There's a big push to look at your life and release anything that doesn't ignite your enthusiasm. It's time to move on to a new way of doing things.  


The Sagittarius energy is inviting you to find new ways to bring adventure and enthusiasm into your life. There's a birth of optimism that will surface. Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac. This energy longs for excitement and has a deep quest for knowledge around the purpose and meaning of life.


Don't be surprised if you decide to travel in the next month.  Understand that if you are going to travel, you will likely uncover something profound around your own specific purpose in life.  Don't take this lightly. 


Your quest in life around your purpose is meant...

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The Theme for the Taurus New Moon - Abundance!

The New Moon in Taurus is happening in the early hours on May 15th.  New Moon's are about initiation and activation.  They're about new beginnings.  It's the time to plant your intentions and let them manifest. 


The numerology of this date activates love, abundance, and nurturing energy.  The New Moon occurs on the 15th at 24°.  Both of these numbers reduce to the number 6.  The number 6 represents compassion, love, abundance, and nurturing energy.  It's kind, loving, and needs to be expressed through understanding.  This energy is activated twice on during this New Moon giving it double intensity. 


This New Moon is occurring in Taurus, the sign of abundance, stability, ambition, and beauty.  On the same day, Uranus, the planet of out of the box ideas, creative breakthroughs, and freedom moves into the sign of Taurus.  Uranus has been in Aries for the last 7 years.  This shift...

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Chiron and the Wounded Healer

Mercury is out of retrograde!!!  

Some people don't feel any effects of Mercury when it is in retrograde, but if you are anything like me, you feel it in big ways!


This last retrograde was pretty intense for me as I felt like it was time to "hide out" and find my groove on my own two feet.


I love collaborating and being with people AND I had a need to work by myself these past few weeks.  It makes sense because we are in an 11 Universal year.  The 11 stands for people walking through the gateway of truth, while standing on their own two feet.  


I'm extremely sensitive to any energy.  It has been both a blessing and a curse.


The blessings show up in many ways.  I can adjust to a situation pretty quickly based on what I am picking up on.  The curse is that sometimes I pick up on things that I don't want to.  It's been a journey for me to balance this in my life.  Which brings me to the...

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Activate your abundance this Blue Full Moon

How's Mercury retrograde been for you so far?  It has been pretty pleasant for me, yet it has been more of a personal time that I have been experiencing. 

As you know, I took a couple of weeks to go inward and find more of my truth.  I turned off all my notifications and only checked my email, social media account, and messages 1 time a day.  Sure, I did client work but let them know I would be answering questions during a specific time.  It was wonderful!

I also started my journey of becoming Reiki certified!  I love energy work and have been drawn to this healing modality for some time now.  I have a ton of insights on how I want to share this with you and help you with healing around love, money, relationships, and living in prosperity!  I am super excited to share those details but all in due time.  The emotional connection I feel to myself right now is mind-blowing.

WOW!  What a difference I have...

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Once in a Blue Moon

We are headed into the Full Moon/ Eclipse energy.  This one is pretty powerful.  A Full Moon activates your intentions while an eclipse will accelerate those intentions.  Not only is it a Full Moon but it is a Super Moon, Blood Moon, AND a Blue Moon with a total lunar eclipse occurring at the exact same time!  A Blue Moon occurs when there are 2 Full Moons in a single month.  It is pretty rare, hence the saying "Once in a Blue Moon."  The Blood Moon is a term used when the Moon looks red. 


Let's explore how you can use the energy of this event because it is very potent!


As you know, we are in an 11 Universal year.  The 11 stands for the gateway that connects you to the heavens and the Earth.  It is a number that reflects partnerships while standing on your own two feet.  You have access to deep intuition and a knowing of what you need to do to manifest all you desire.  It's a time to share your...

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Why this New Moon is a perfect time for success!

There is a lot of dense energy swirling around at this time.  The energy this month has a lot to do with your success around love, abundance, your career, and how you create wealth.  You may have a heavy feeling around what you need to do to bring in all you desire.  Have no worries.  You can manage all this serious energy just by understanding how to navigate through it. 

Let's dive in!

The New Moon will happen on January 17th at 2:17 AM UTC.  For those who live in the States, it will occur on the 16th at 9:17 PM ET.  A New Moon is a time to plant your intentions of your desires.  It's a time to put the seeds of your desires into the fertile energy and allow the roots to form a strong foundation.

This New Moon will occur in Capricorn at 26°.  The Sun is sitting on top of this New Moon and Venus, the planet of beauty, love, abundance, and wealth is leaning up to them to create a positive angle that brings them all...

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There is no better time then NOW!

Here we are in the middle of January and I hope the New Year is off to a great start for you.  I for one, am so excited about this year because you have some amazing energy to tune into that can really help propel you into your true desires this year if you know when and how to use it!

The first huge energy shift took place with the Full Super Moon on January 1 or 2nd (depending on where you live).  You can read more about that here! The second huge energy shift is about to hit!  This energy will literally hit hours before the New Moon on the 16th.  Let me share with you how this all will work for you.

For the astrology piece of the puzzle, on January 15, 2018, Jupiter and Pluto will create an angle in the ski called a sextile.  This angle is extremely powerful and positive.  It's easy energy to tap into and work with.  Here you have Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion, and joy working with Pluto, the planet of...

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