There is no better time then NOW!

Here we are in the middle of January and I hope the New Year is off to a great start for you.  I for one, am so excited about this year because you have some amazing energy to tune into that can really help propel you into your true desires this year if you know when and how to use it!

The first huge energy shift took place with the Full Super Moon on January 1 or 2nd (depending on where you live).  You can read more about that here! The second huge energy shift is about to hit!  This energy will literally hit hours before the New Moon on the 16th.  Let me share with you how this all will work for you.

For the astrology piece of the puzzle, on January 15, 2018, Jupiter and Pluto will create an angle in the ski called a sextile.  This angle is extremely powerful and positive.  It's easy energy to tap into and work with.  Here you have Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion, and joy working with Pluto, the planet of...

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June 2017 and Your Relationships

June is a 7 Universal Month, which will bring on the energy for deep insights that will empower you!  It is a time to really think about what you want, desire, and envision in your ideal relationship.  It is a great time to work with intuitive insights and create a plan in regards to how you want to create magic in your love life!

We are now in the Gemini energy as well.  When you have Gemini energy and 7 energy mixing together, you have access to amazing answers.  See, Gemini energy is fantastic for being able to tap in, observe, and communicate quickly.  Mixing these two types of energy moves your thoughts, insights, and ideas for your love life into being able to design a plan that others receive well.  Gemini energy is wonderful for communication, so be sure to take advantage of it once you have a clear idea for what you want create for you and a partner!

On June 9th we have a Full Moon, Jupiter goes direct again after being in...

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