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Gemini New Moon

The new moon in Gemini is happening on June 13th and it happens at 22 degrees. It'll happen at 3:43 PM on the east coast in the United States and 12:43 on the Pacific coast. What you have to look at during this new moon has a lot to do with how to go forward and initiate new ways of communicating, bringing your ideas to the forefront and expressing yourself, your genius self through the divine feminine.


The number 13 represents the divine feminine in numerology. It's about transformation. It's about death, rebirth, and transformation of all kinds. When you blend that with Gemini energy, you have wittiness, you have charismatic leadership, you have genius ideas, and it's about balancing the masculine energy and how you do things into how can you receive more? How can you receive more so you can express yourself and communicate yourself and more gentle, loving ways to other people.

It's a new moon, so you want to think about how your are implement things. What seeds...

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