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There's Gold in that Fear!

Have you ever looked into your future and been frightened about what you see? Have you wondered why on Earth would you be thinking of that awful outcome? You are exploring your future by doing this.  It is really simple and very normal to explore your future.  We all look out at our futures and “try them on” to see which one we like and which one we don’t like.  It is what we uncover in the fear that gives us the gold!  The gold in fear are the gifts and directions that you uncover while exploring the fear.

A better word for fear is feedback.  Feedback is gold.  Whenever you are working on something that means a lot to you there comes a point where you ask someone feedback on what you are creating.  Sometimes that is a very scary thing to do. When you are in fear or receiving feedback you are incredibly vulnerable.  You are exposing yourself to pain or some undesired result before you experience in reality.  Fear is...

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