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Chiron and the Wounded Healer

Mercury is out of retrograde!!!  

Some people don't feel any effects of Mercury when it is in retrograde, but if you are anything like me, you feel it in big ways!


This last retrograde was pretty intense for me as I felt like it was time to "hide out" and find my groove on my own two feet.


I love collaborating and being with people AND I had a need to work by myself these past few weeks.  It makes sense because we are in an 11 Universal year.  The 11 stands for people walking through the gateway of truth, while standing on their own two feet.  


I'm extremely sensitive to any energy.  It has been both a blessing and a curse.


The blessings show up in many ways.  I can adjust to a situation pretty quickly based on what I am picking up on.  The curse is that sometimes I pick up on things that I don't want to.  It's been a journey for me to balance this in my life.  Which brings me to the...

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New Moon in Virgo September 2017

We are getting ready for some pretty powerful energy this week that will have lasting effects on our lives in every area!  On September 19/20, we have a New Moon occurring in Virgo.  This New Moon is packing a potent punch triggering the deepest wound we carry.  It sounds a bit scary but don't worry because it will help you uncover exactly what needs to be healed in order to create love and prosperity in every area of your life.


The New Moon is occurring in Virgo at 27°.  It is creating a hard aspect, called an opposition with Chiron, otherwise known as the wounded healer.  This opposition will trigger your deepest pain and will ask you to come face to face with it and finally heal it.  Virgo is a beautiful sign that is very detailed oriented.  It is about balance, being precise, analyzing, and being responsible.  The 27 represents release through compassion and being a humanitarian.  It is asking us to look at the larger...

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