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Welcome to May

This month is an amazing time for love and abundance! The energy is in full swing! What does this mean for you?

May is a 15/6 Universal month.  6 is in the self expression triad so your desire to nurture and express love is alive and well!  I talked last week about 6 being the number of love, service, and responsibility.  When you blend all of this together love and abundance come shining through.  Let’s take a deeper look….

Mercury, the planet of communication has been in retrograde and will go direct on May 3rd.  That will open up any communication issues that have been stalled over the last 3 weeks.  Mercury is also the planet that rules the 6th house, the house of service, responsibilities, and health.  The 6th house is being activated with the energy of the month.  It is a time to open up the lines of communications. This supports love and relationships on all levels!  Communication is the key to an understanding and...

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