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Welcome to May

This month is an amazing time for love and abundance! The energy is in full swing! What does this mean for you?

May is a 15/6 Universal month.  6 is in the self expression triad so your desire to nurture and express love is alive and well!  I talked last week about 6 being the number of love, service, and responsibility.  When you blend all of this together love and abundance come shining through.  Let’s take a deeper look….

Mercury, the planet of communication has been in retrograde and will go direct on May 3rd.  That will open up any communication issues that have been stalled over the last 3 weeks.  Mercury is also the planet that rules the 6th house, the house of service, responsibilities, and health.  The 6th house is being activated with the energy of the month.  It is a time to open up the lines of communications. This supports love and relationships on all levels!  Communication is the key to an understanding and building healthy relationships.  You don’t always need to see eye to eye, you just need to understand!  All of this reflects the energy that is available for you at this time.  What are you wanting to bring forward in your relationships and life around these areas?

We are still in the sign of Taurus, which is telling us to dig in and cultivate these feelings and ideas!  The 15/6 is a loyal, loving, and compassionate code.  This numerology code has a very prosperous energy to it.  With the Taurus energy that is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of abundance, beauty, and love, there is a vast pool of love and abundance available for you in this moment!  Reach out and accept it.  Tell the Universe you are ready to bring this energy into your life!

All of this together shows us that if we put our feet on the ground and do the work, we will have the abundance of love we are born to experience.  Again I ask, what do you want in your relationships and life?  Are you communicating that and taking action to cultivate it?  Accept the energy that is present.  It is available to everyone!

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