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Vision Of Your Future Self

It is quite amazing how people have no idea of what exactly they want out of their life especially as they approach middle age.  As one ages, there is tendency of experiencing a growing feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s career and life overall.

People often feel as though they work hard but not really moving forward.  One of the main reasons for this is that people don’t take their time to ask themselves how they want their future to look like.  Living without a clear and concise vision makes it very difficult to control how one’s life unfolds.  You would agree that it is fruitless to embark on a long journey without having a destination; same as a person’s journey into the future!

While many people choose to meander about the countryside with no destination in mind (just because they want to enjoy the trip), it is dangerous to live your life in this manner because the enjoyment therein only lasts for a short while.  It is all far from exciting and fulfilling which often leads to restlessness and discontentment that haunts in the middle age.

To get get a clear vision of your future self will only require you to ask yourself the right questions.  These questions will hand you the gear to controlling your future if answered appropriately.

First, you need to ask yourself what you really want from your life.  You might have an ambiguous or unclear answer to that.  If this is the case, try asking in different ways.  For instance, ask yourself what are the things so important to you?  The question can be further rephrased into ‘What do I enjoy doing?’ or ‘What am I good at doing?’

As soon as you begin to explore your values and the things you find very important in life, building a roadmap to your future will become easier and once you have understanding of these factors, the road-map will become even more evident.

Finding the vision of your future self needs you to be certain about what you want from your life.  If however you are not sure about it, it only means you will not obtain it.  By getting a clear idea of what you expect of yourself, you are working towards increasing the chances of achieving it.

The process of finding the vision of your futures self is essential to both your short-term happiness and your long-term fulfillment.  Spend quality time investigation who you are and who you want to be just so you can define what your future should look like.

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