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Thriving in Love and Life Using Venus Energy!

We are at a time where Venus, the planet of love and prosperity is passing over where it went retrograde on May 3rd.  This is a big deal!  With Venus moving past this spot, the energy of love and prosperity is in full force moving forward!  That means you can tap into this energy and use it in your favor!

This entire month has been about getting clear on what you want in regards to love and life!  We have explored digging in deep (Taurus energy) and getting clear on how we define our relationships.  Remember, we are also in the month of May which carries the number 5 energy, which is about freedom, change, and movement.  This particular year, May is a 6 Universal Month.  The 6 energy embodies being nurturing, loving, and living in abundance!

What that tells us is that this is a time of love, abundance, moving forward, and feeling free to make decisions that support us.  Love and abundance are the messages here!  This energy is potent and will only be intensified by another aspect that is happening in the ski on May 19th.  There is seriously so much going on that is supporting you Thriving In Love and Life!!!

On May 19th, Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node come together to create a Grand Trine (which is a big triangle).  The 3 points of the triangle are all in a fire sign right now triggering the passion and drive in us all!  It is a wonderful time to take charge and go for what you have been dreaming of in your relationships.  If you are looking for love, now is the time to take action and get out there and meet people! 

Saturn is the planet that controls.  With this energy being activated in a fire sign, you will see that you have more energy to take action.  Uranus is the planet that is about unusual ideas or out of the box thinking.  With this energy triggered, take a chance on how you are handling things in your relationship.  Do something different with your partner.  Get out of the same ole routine and shake things up!  If you are looking for love, look in a different place or try something new and see what person shows up!  The North Node is about your future and what you can create by connecting to your dreams!  Take advantage of this energy, it’s connected to what you are dreaming of for your future.

This is such a positive time to connect to love, abundance, and taking a chance that will support your dreams and desires.  They are all in your reach now!

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