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There's Gold in that Fear!

Have you ever looked into your future and been frightened about what you see? Have you wondered why on Earth would you be thinking of that awful outcome? You are exploring your future by doing this.  It is really simple and very normal to explore your future.  We all look out at our futures and “try them on” to see which one we like and which one we don’t like.  It is what we uncover in the fear that gives us the gold!  The gold in fear are the gifts and directions that you uncover while exploring the fear.

A better word for fear is feedback.  Feedback is gold.  Whenever you are working on something that means a lot to you there comes a point where you ask someone feedback on what you are creating.  Sometimes that is a very scary thing to do. When you are in fear or receiving feedback you are incredibly vulnerable.  You are exposing yourself to pain or some undesired result before you experience in reality.  Fear is actually something to look at, hold, explore, and then moved through.

How do you move through fear and turn it into gold?  Let’s look at that and explore some ways that can help us move through fear.  First, take a scenario that you would like to create.  For example let’s take someone who wants to start making a living making and selling jewelry.  The first thing that might come up would be the question “how will I afford the materials it will take to make the jewelry?”

This is a legitimate concern.  It takes an investment to get to where you want to, in this case own a jewelry business.  Some natural thoughts may be “I won’t be able to go on vacation if I use the money in my savings account” or “I don’t have any money to start this.”  Alright now the thoughts are out there.  You can now spend some time and look at these fears or thoughts and make a plan that moves you into the direction that you want to go.

Taking the vacation money, you are giving up some down time that you have planned.  Is that really such a negative thing?  You are starting a new journey and this new journey could provide you with more opportunities in the future to travel.

You may even get to travel because of your new business to trade shows and that is an opportunity to meet new people who can assist you in the growth of your new company.  Now if you look at the “I don’t have any money to start this business” thought again you can move through the block that is creating the fear around not getting your dream business started.  Look at this thought.  Write down ways you can get money.

Can you get a business loan or find an investor to help you move towards your goal?  It is all about opening doors and finding what you DO want.  Feeling the fear and identifying the areas that need to be worked on with help you become successful.

When you are working through your fears you will also become stronger mentally and emotionally.  You will identify your strengths and areas you need to grow in. Let’s take the jewelry business again.  You have started the business.  You have bought the materials and have created beautiful pieces.  People are complimenting the styles when you wear them and you have sold a couple of pieces here and there.

Now what do you do?  This time the thought comes to your mind “wow, I am really good at making these items but I am going to fail because I am not selling as much as I need to in order to be profitable.”  This again is just a fear or feedback.  Let’s find the gold in this thought.

You now know you are good at what you do.  You know that people like your jewelry and that you are able to sell the items.  The feedback is that you want to sell more to be able to continue your business. How do you sell on a larger scale?

You can brainstorm a few ideas.  Some that are a good start is to get a website up and running, find a boutique that will do a trail stock and sell for you with part of the proceeds going to them.  Go to trade shows and sell to big buyers.  You have opened out many doors to continue on just by looking at the fear of the business not succeeding.

Working through the fear and finding opportunities are indeed the way to move through fear.  Fear is always going to be a part of the human experience.  It is how you deal with the fear that will show you the gold or not show you the gold.  If you re-frame the word fear into feedback it takes a lot of the negative connotation away from the process of finding a direction.

If you look at it as a clarity statement such as feedback it is a little easier to move through.  It is your turn, look at something that you are fearful of.  Make a list of ways that you can move through it and find the direction you must go in order for your desired outcome to occur.  It’s time to find your gold!

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