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The New Moon in Leo Total Solar Eclipse 2017

The eclipse happens on Monday August 21st for those in the USA.  August is a 18/9 Universal month.  The number 9 is showing us that the past 9 years cycle of our life needs to be let go.  A shift needs to take place so when we start the next 9 year cycle, we are starting with a clean slate.  It's a time for reflection and release.  Take some time to reflect on what needs to change in all areas of your life.  The past is the past, it's time to let it go and create a future full of passion and abundance!  

August 21 will be a 12/3 Universal day, mirroring back the actual date of August 21.  The number 3 is asking us to bring in that fun, playful energy that expresses our happiness and joy!  The number 21 is known as "The Crown of the Magi", which is the Universe and all the gifts it has to offer.  It is showing us that after the long 9 year struggle we have gone through, abundance and the Universal gifts are here for us to claim!  We all have the right to abundance and these numbers reflect that through joy, happiness, and true self-expression we will receive the gifts we have been seeking.  

This solar eclipse is happening in the sign of Leo.  Leo rules the sun!  Leo also rules the heart!  This is showing us that what is in our hearts is the focus now.  We are to look inside our hearts and find what has been needing release and transformation.  Now is a time to make a change.  Leo is a fire sign and loves to be in the spotlight.  It is a powerful sign that asks us to light the fire inside ourselves and initiate desire!  Let what is in your heart come alive and be expressed!

There is a new moon happening at the same time of the eclipse.  This is asking us to set our intentions to move forward and create all we desire.  New beginnings are going to create lasting change.  Look inward and find your inner light.  What makes you happy?  What brings you joy?  Use this time to get really clear so when September comes you are ready to take action and make these changes.  Remember, Mercury is in Retrograde, so wait to make these changes until after it is over to lessen any communication issues that could pop up.

This is a time to release, set new intentions, get fired up, and follow what our hearts truly want!  This energy will have lasting effects.  Eclipse energy is extremely potent and the effects are felt for a year to two years after one has happened.  Make this time work in your favor and be a conscious creator in love and prosperity!

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