Why this New Moon is a perfect time for success!

There is a lot of dense energy swirling around at this time.  The energy this month has a lot to do with your success around love, abundance, your career, and how you create wealth.  You may have a heavy feeling around what you need to do to bring in all you desire.  Have no worries.  You can manage all this serious energy just by understanding how to navigate through it. 

Let's dive in!

The New Moon will happen on January 17th at 2:17 AM UTC.  For those who live in the States, it will occur on the 16th at 9:17 PM ET.  A New Moon is a time to plant your intentions of your desires.  It's a time to put the seeds of your desires into the fertile energy and allow the roots to form a strong foundation.

This New Moon will occur in Capricorn at 26°.  The Sun is sitting on top of this New Moon and Venus, the planet of beauty, love, abundance, and wealth is leaning up to them to create a positive angle that brings them all together. 

Looking at the astrology, there are 4 planets in Capricorn, along with the Sun and the Moon.  That is a lot of Capricorn energy!  Capricorn energy can feel very serious because it is.  It asks you to look at how you plan out your days and create a blueprint that puts you on the path of success, while using your time wisely.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is in it's home sign of Capricorn.  Saturn is the time keeper and focuses on your career and how you bring in success.  Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, is in Capricorn.  Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, is also in Capricorn.  The theme here is clear!  This New Moon is demanding you to be serious about your success.  How you communicate your ideas, and how you plan on being powerful are a very big part of the equation.  With Venus also in Capricorn, how you create your wealth and abundance will need to have a plan solidified for you to manifest that in your life.  Be clear on what you want in the areas of your career, wealth, beauty, and abundance.  Write out a list of what you want in these areas and be specific!  Keep this list out where you can see it daily and take action steps towards your desires.

Looking at the numerology for this New Moon reveals even deeper clues regarding your wealth and abundance.  This New Moon (represents your emotions) is at 26° and the Sun (represents you, how you shine in life) is sitting at the same degree.  26 reduces to an 8 in numerology.  The 8 represents strength, power, and wealth.  The number 8 is in the manifesting triad, meaning if you follow the blueprint you formulate, you will manifest what you are building around your desires. 

Another piece to factor in, is that it occurs on the 17th on the Universal calendar.  17 reduces to an 8 as well!  17 is also the "legacy" number.  What you create on a 17 day will have lasting effects.  The theme here is to tap into the energy of your unique power, strength, and build something of value that creates wealth and abundance for you!   

When you are working in the traditional psychology aspect of this energy, it may feel very heavy.  It's a discipline type of energy and when you are seeking freedom and joy, discipline can feel like you are being micro-managed.  That isn't the case here.  This energy is simply asking you to make a strong foundation for something that will have lasting effects around your love life, your career, your prosperity!  Embrace this with excitement.  When you create discipline, you will have increased freedom.  I know it seems counter productive but it's not.  Think about if you had all the love you desired, or all the wealth you craved working in a career that makes your heart sign.  Isn't that freedom?  

To manage this New Moon and it's dense energy, let's break it down in easy steps to follow.

  1. Create a list of your desires around the areas of wealth, career, love, and how you will communicate these ideas to the world.  Spend time on this list.  Be clear and specific about what you want and how you plan to receive these desires. 
  2. Put the list out where you will see it every day and take action steps towards these goals daily.
  3. Be disciplined around your desires.  Create a blueprint and follow it.  When you have completed the steps, your dreams will manifest into reality and that is when you will experience true freedom and joy!
  4. Embrace this energy with excitement!  How you feel will draw in experiences that propel you forward.  Bring in joy, happiness, and excitement to help lift the dense feelings of this New Moon.

This is a beautiful time to step into your true desires.  I know when I was trying to figure out what I really wanted in life, I found a coach I could work with and would help me formulate a plan.  It changed my life and now I want to help you!

I am now in the position where I know I can help you, if you want it!  I've been broke to the tune of $70,000 in debt, divorced from a man I thought would always have my back but ending up in love with someone else, being over 200 pounds, and completely lost working in a career that was soul crushing! 

It all changed once I started using the energy of the Universe coupled with all of my knowledge of traditional psychology.  I knew they all fit together and now I can show you how to put your puzzle together so that it all works for you!

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