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Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius

WOW!!!  The Full Moon that is happening on Friday is going to knock your socks off! 

This Full Moon is happening at 18° in Sagittarius on June 9th!  This energy kicks of a double 9 energy code.  That means that there is an abundance of love, compassion, and considerate energy all around us.  It also allows us to release past patterns that are holding us back in love.  This is a time to look at how we can connect to one another and be helpful.  It opens up our hearts and allows us to show unconditional love! 

There is even more abundance to tap into around love on the 9th because Jupiter which is ruled by Sagittarius, goes direct the same day!  Jupiter is the planet of expansion, joy, abundance, and it’s know as the planet of LUCK.  Woohoo!  This is intensified by the Full Moon and the fact that Sagittarius is infusing the sky with this energy as well.  This energy holds the wisdom of the great lover!  The greater lover can be with a partner or it can be accessed as great love for yourself.

We are still in the Gemini energy during this Full Moon so be ready for some quick wit and fabulous conversations.  The insights you receive today can help you break through to new directions for your love life.  Feel free to communicate these new ideas! 

All of this energy leads us to growth in our relationships!  It is a time to honor those desires in our hearts and let people know how we feel.  If you are looking for luck to be on your side, today is the perfect day for you.  Luck in love is the theme for the day!

Let your heart expand!  Trust in your insights!  Live fully in the potent energy that this Full Moon brings.

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