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October Full Moon In Aries

Now, for the October Full Moon report! 

Let's look at the month of October before we dive deep into the Full Moon energy.  We have a lot of Scorpio energy being activated this month, as Pluto and Mars are being triggered multiple times.  Pluto is the current ruler of Scorpio, and Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio.  Scorpio energy is deep, passionate, sexual, transformational, and intense. 

The first activation of this energy happens on October 1st, fusing the entire month with a deep desire to transform anything that isn't working for us, especially in the sexual and passionate sectors of our lives.  The month of October is an 11 Universal month, connecting us to the gateway of our desires.  The 11 energy is asking us to step-up and work with a partner, while standing on our own 2 feet.  The intuitive insights that are available this entire month, are direct messages from the Universe.  It is time to pay attention and bring to light your dreams while manifesting more love, light, prosperity, and wealth.  This month is also preparing us for the energy of 2018, which will be an 11 Universal year!  We have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months!

On October 5th, 2017, we will experience a Full Moon at 12° in Aries.  Aries energy triggers the fire in our souls.  It asks us to step up and go for everything we want.  It is a leader, an action taker, and full of passion!  The energy of 12° is creative, energetic, and playful.  It carries both masculine and feminine energy.  The Full Moon is triggering intuitive insights while accessing both the masculine and feminine energy you carry.  This is the time to dig in deep and bring your dreams to light.  Be playful and express yourself.  You will want to pay attention to ideas that seem to just "pop" into your awareness.  You will also want to heal anything that isn't working in your life.  Remember, the masculine and feminine energy is about giving and receiving, taking action and resting.  This is something you will want to incorporate into your plan.

The Full Moon also activates Mars and Venus.  They are literally on top of each other directly across from the Moon.  These planets are the male and female partners asking for you to take action in creating abundance and beauty in the areas of love and wealth.  The fact that these two planets are coming together intensifies the masculine and feminine energy that is available this month.  

The over all theme for this Full Moon is, use your masculine and feminine energy to step into your personal power, unique beauty, and love you have in your heart.  Make a plan that creates the life you deserve that is full of passion!  An equal partner helping you with your plan will help accelerate your progress.  Tap into your deep desires while paying attention to your intuitive insights.  Take action on what comes to light while expressing your playful and joyful side.  Remember to rest when you need.  This is forward moving energy.  It isn't time to be looking back.  It is time to move forward and start BEING who you are here to be!

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