New Moon in Pisces

Wow, I don't know about you but my clients, friends, and loved ones have been really feeling the intensity of the energy.  I, for one, have struggled this month as well.  Not in a dysfunctional way but in a way that got me thinking about very deep healing.  Going inward to find those areas in my soul that want to feel understood, free, and loved.  

Can you relate?

One of the reasons things have been so intense energetically is because Jupiter went retrograde in Scorpio.  Jupiter is the planet of joy, happiness, luck, and expansion.  When it goes retrograde, it's a time to go inward and assess what makes you happy.  What brings you joy and helps you manifest on the level of pure luck?  What will help you expand?  Explore these questions through journaling to help you get clear and bring forth any new revelations.

While Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio, this creates an intensity that can be difficult to go through.  Scorpio energy wants the truth.  It is deep and passionate.  It won't tolerate surface level stories.  You can't lie to yourself during this time.  It is the energy of transformation to the core.  "The truth shall set you free" was definitely said by someone under the influence of Scorpio energy.

We are also going into the New Moon energy!  This New Moon will occur on March 17th in Pisces.  Pisces is the 12th sign in the zodiac and we are also in Pisces season.  You will have double the Pisces energy impacting you during this time.  Pisces energy is dreamy, sensual, and intuitive. 

Pisces energy is also about helping others by following your intuition.  It can also be about helping yourself through intuition.  Don't be surprised if you intuition is off the charts.  It will be!  Embrace it through free writing.  That is the act of putting pen to paper and just allowing anything to be written.  The insights you get from this will be highly fortunate for you.

With the New Moon being a time to plant your intentions in order for them to manifest, look at ways you can be prosperous by using your intuition.  Connect to your dreams and become one with the desires you hold in your heart.  You may feel a bit more emotional the next few days, but that is normal.  You need to go deep and feel what your heart truly wants.  Take care of yourself through hot baths or even better, go to a float tank!

But wait, there's more.  We are also headed directly into Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury retrograde begins on March 18th.  Mercury rules communication, awareness, and intellect.  It's a time to look at how you are communicating your desires.  How are you bringing forth your voice?  What is your awareness around how you think about prosperity.  The retrograde energy can cause misunderstandings in your communications.  Electrical devices can get a little wonky.

Take things slow, read over written communications more than once to make sure you are saying clearly what you want to say.  I personally avoid updating any computer programs during this time.  I also recommend holding off putting any new projects out to the world during this time.  It's not to say you don't do anything, it is to say SLOW DOWN!  Going too fast during Mercury Retrograde will surely bring up situations that need to be corrected or even redone.  Be patient.

During Mercury Retrograde, it is wise to lay out plans and get your ideas into a planner.  That way, when the retrograde is complete, you can move forward and put all you created out into the world.  Get things done behind the scenes.  It's a great time to lay the foundation.

The over all theme at this time is to take some time to go inward and connect to your truth!  Journal around your heart's desire.  Journal any intuitive insights you get.  Take care of yourself through nurturing water rituals.  Slow down, take your time, and plan things out on paper to make sure you have everything you need to go forward.  And last but not least, be patient and love yourself!

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