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New Moon In Libra October 2017

New Moon In Libra: October 19, 2017


The New Moon is a time to plant new ideas or recalibrate the direction you are headed.  With this New Moon we are looking at how to maintain balance and justice, while honoring our own desires of love, success, and wealth.  The New Moon is occurring in Libra at 26° on October 19th.  There are many layers to this particular New Moon.


First, the New Moon is happening on October 19th.  We are in a 1 Universal Year.  October is an 11 Universal month.  The 19th reduces into a 1 Universal day.  As you can see the number 1 is being triggered many times on this day.  The number one asks us to step up and be the leader we are meant to be.  It is about innovation, intuition, inspiration, and using our own unique ideas to be who you are meant to be in life.  Every person is an expert at something.  This is the time to bring it out of you and share it.  The New Moon is directing you to plant this idea firmly into the final quarter of the year.  Put your ideas and inspirations into a plan that will help you manifest love, wealth, and success.  This is your birthright!  The Universal energies are reminding you that you are here to experience joy, balance, and peace through expressing the bright side of courage. 


With the Sun being in Libra and the New Moon happening in Libra, we see an intensification of the energy needing balance and bringing forth love, justice, peace, wealth, and harmony.  Libra loves beauty and is always looking for the win/win situation.  Venus rules Libra.  Venus is also will also be in her home sign of Libra at 6° during the New Moon.  This is a complete link to love, abundance, beauty, wealth, and success.  The number 6 represents the nurturing energy that a dream needs to become real.  It is the mother energy of love, service, health, and harmony.  There is compassion and love oozing into the atmosphere.  The density of prosperity is easily tapped into at this time.  Be courageous.


Building wealth, and success through courage is another message being sent out at this time.  This is reflected in the number 19, (October 19th).  The number 19 is referred to as “The Prince of Heaven”.  The Prince of Heaven is symbolized by the Sun.  The Sun represents you, your unique gifts, and how you present in the world.  You are the "Prince of Heaven" by experiencing victory after disappointments or past failures.  The vibration of this number holds energy of rising to the top.  It is a masculine energy.  It is sometimes associated with Archangel Michael.  He is the protector, the warrior, and the clear communicator.  This energy is being presented to you for you to embody and use confidently in moving into your leadership position.  You will be protected and guided by the Divine.  Listen to your gut and be brave.  The energy is supporting you in all ways at this very moment!


Love, wealth and success are clearly part of this energy.  This is reflected in the position of the Moon at 26°.  The Sun is sitting directly in alignment with the New Moon at the same degree, 26.  The number 26 reduces to the number 8.  This is the number of great manifestation of wealth and success through action.  The 2 and the 6 are reflecting balance and service, compassion, and love.  Build your dreams while balancing your energy.  Be of service to others by sharing your expertise.  Send your light out to others with love and compassion.  It is part of the prosperity you are here to experience. 


Let’s pull it all together.  The message is clear, make a plan and take action on those ideas.  Use your intuition and step up and be the leader you are here to be.  Allow your shining moment to manifest bring in abundance.  You are supported and protected when you infuse your message with a win/win attitude.  Your shining moment is here.  Express your compassion and lead with love.  Allow the wealth, harmony, love, and success to be a part of your life.  This New Moon allows you to use the energy to direct the final quarter of 2017 in the way you desire.  Step forward and let your light shine bright!


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