Navigate the Holidays with Ease

With so much going on with the holidays and the Universal energy right now, I wanted to give you a way to navigate with ease this next week.  Let's get right to it because there is a lot to cover!

My clients come to me a lot during this time of year.  There are tons of emotions that get triggered in people due to money and relationship issues.  I want to explore how to accept these emotions and possible interactions with your loved ones by understanding that there is more than meets the eye here.  Yes, we all have family patterns that are both healthy and unhealthy.  When you learn to work with the energy around you, you begin to navigate with more peace and happiness.  So, just how do you do this?

First, today is the winter solstice in the US.  The winter solstice is a time to go inward and reflect.  It is about hope for the new season to bring light to our current situation.  It is about faith that all will work out well.  When you look at your money situation or your relationship issues, remember to look at what is positive in these situations.  Look at what you want to change in the beginning of next year.  Have faith that all is working out in the best and highest good for all involved.  It's easy to get triggered but I recommend putting these emotions aside.  What you focus on expands and during the winter solstice you will want to focus on what you want to create!  Spend time meditating around these triggers and make a firm plan on how you can create change in the next few weeks that will reflect a positive outcome.

Why should you create a plan?  The Sun and Saturn have just entered into Capricorn on the same day as the solstice.  Saturn and Capricorn rule the 10th house in astrology.  That is your achievement house.  The Sun reflects you, your shining light.  Capricorn is the sign of achievement through a solid, step by step plan.  Saturn is the planet of your mission, your career, and it's the time keeper.  All these energies coming together are asking you, how are you living your mission?  Are you creating a plan around what you want to achieve?  Are you wasting time or using it wisely.  This energy that is available right now, gives you access to developing something that will have lasting change.  Don't waste it!  Create your plan around what you want to achieve regarding your relationships and your wealth!  It's a serious type of energy because what you want in your relationships and wealth is a very serious topic, plus Saturn is a very serious planet.  Go inward and determine what YOU want.  Journal around these ideas and make a list of ways you can achieve these desires and dreams!

The love, wealth, beauty, and abundance in your life is getting ready to take the major focus this next week.  Venus, the planet that rules all of these attributes is getting ready to join the Sun.  This energy is about taking your love life, your wealth, and how you create abundance in your life very seriously.  With the Sun making this positive aspect with Venus, you're shining light around your plan (remember they will be in the Capricorn sign).  You are able to achieve what you want if you take the time and develop a way to make this all happen.  Any triggers you may have around the holidays with your money and relationships, you will want to put them aside and focus on the desires you crave.  This isn't a time to get tripped up by patterns that no longer serve you.  If you see yourself getting triggered, step back, breathe, and remember what you want to have happen.  Focus on the desired outcome and stay grounded.

You will have more clarity in the next couple of days as Mercury stations direct coming out of retrograde.  This will be a welcomed change.  As you spend the last couple of weeks of 2017 creating a new plan, you will have the clarity you need to find all the steps that it requires to make lasting change.  Get excited about this!  Mercury is also getting ready to enter Capricorn, as well.  The theme for the beginning of 2018 is all about getting serious with your love life, your wealth, your prosperity, by creating a detailed plan around how you want to shine in these areas from now on!

To break it all down so you can navigate the holidays with ease:

  1. Meditate around what you want to change in your life around love, wealth, career, and your abundance.
  2. Journal around any new ideas that will help you create a detailed, step by step plan that brings you joy and happiness in the areas of love, wealth, career, and your abundance.
  3. Focus on these ideas that you desire, daily.
    If you find yourself getting triggered, spend some time alone reflecting, breathe deeply, and stay grounded.
  4. Connect to your true desires and dreams daily.  Stay focused on your new plan!
  5. Celebrate all the new abundance coming your way in 2018!

Wishing you an amazing week!

Love and hugs,


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