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Mind Blowing Sales

mindset online business building sales sales mindset Feb 18, 2019

Building your dream business is fun!


Working with clients is fun!


Creating programs that help people.....FUN!


Making mind blowing sales........(screech...) oh no, I think we hit a snag!


I hear it all the time!


Mary, I love working with people but I hate "selling" to them!


Have you ever wondered why it's so easy for some people to sell and other people struggle with it?


The crazy thing is that it has little to do with tools, strategies, or scripts.


There is one thing that makes the difference between being good at selling and hating selling. It's all about what the person thinks about sales. It's their mindset around selling.


I'm around a lot of people who sell every day and the attitude that the successful ones have is that sales are a service not a chore.


Maybe you've heard someone say this before but it's true, when you shift from the sale being something that goes against someone to the view that selling is going to help someone, making sales becomes easier.


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Your business won't survive if you don't sell your services. If you don't serve your clients your dream of helping people will die. The two are directly related.


Think about your service. Is your service something that people need? Do you know that you can help people in this area? Now think about what it would be like if you weren't able to help people in this area.


That is soul crushing to think you wouldn't be able to serve your purpose helping people!


And here's the rub.....


You are the one choosing not to help people when you are in the mind frame that sales are "bad".


Sales are something that you do for a person! You are offering them a chance to change their life to something better. Why on Earth would that be considered something bad?


Think about it, where did your attitude for sales come from? There may be a lot of things that pop up here..... maybe your parents didn't like the door to door salesman. Maybe it comes from how you feel when someone asks you to buy. Maybe it comes from society. Whatever your answer is will tell you a lot about how you can overcome the negative thought pattern that sales are bad.


You want to step into a positive mind frame around sales. Think about how sales help the clients you are serving. Think about how you are qualified to get paid for your services. Think about how your income supports your family, the community, and even the government.


We all need to make an income and your business is the avenue you chose to create an income. This avenue demands that you create sales.


In order to make mind blowing sales, you will need to adopt these attitudes into your life and business.


  • Sales are a service
  • You deserve an income providing your service
  • Making sales provides more than an income to you; sales create transformation for your client, food for your family, support of the community by purchasing what others are selling, and taxes for the government to run (all good thing!)
  • You must sell every day
  • When you sale, give your best before, during, and after the sale
  • Stay positive
  • Work on your mindset around sales
  • Practice making mind blowing sales every chance you get


It all boils down to your attitude around selling!


Mind blowing sales are all about your mindset.


Work on your confidence, work on your offer, and work on creating the best outcome for all involved!


Let me know how you feel about sales in the comments below....


Until next time,


Love and hugs,









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