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Can You Believe It?

Can you believe that 2018 is heading into the last quarter of the year?


It blows my mind how fast things go.


That got me thinking of how we relate to time. I hear my clients say to me, "It's just not happening fast enough!" And in the same breath say "I feel like I don't have enough time!"


It's a pretty fascinating dichotomy if you think about it.


First, you have this feeling that things are taking way too much time to show up for you, such as money or something you really want. Then, you have this feeling that things are happening too fast therefore leaving you with no time to do the things you need to do to bring your desire into form.


Think about how you put these feelings out into the world.


If the Universe responds to the sum total of what we are feeling, which is the Law of Attraction, then how does it know what to respond to?


Time can't be moving too slow and too fast in the exact moment. 


The feelings that you are experiencing are confusing to the Universe!


In order to manifest your desires, you must be clear with what you want.


I wanted to give you 3 simple steps for the final quarter of the year, that will help you get clear with your desires so you can allow them to manifest.


1. Trust - Once you have identified what you want you can ask the Universe to deliver it. Once you are feeling that you are in alignment with your desire, simply let it go. Trust it is on it's way. It is! The Universe will deliver each and every time if you are clear on your desire. It is crucial you don't start looking for "when" it will show up. That puts you into a questioning vibration that can only stop the manifesting process. Stay in trust and know that it will be delivered in perfect timing!

2. Rectify any doubts - If you are sending intentions out to the Universe make sure you believe in them fully. If you have any whispering doubt in your mind, the Universe will pick up on it. You can't skirt over the doubt and think "If I don't pay attention to this doubt, it will go away." Wrong! You must go inward and work with the core belief around the doubt and let that core belief go. I can promise you, it isn't serving you.

3. Notice your Feelings - This one is so important part. If you check in with yourself right now, what are you feeling? Is it a low level of anxiety, a constant nagging worry, a deep seeded fear of failure/success, or are you at peace, present in the here and now, or in a receptive flow of energy? Be honest with yourself because the Universe picks up on everything so you might as well start working with your core feelings.


The entire reason I wanted to bring this into your awareness is that you can have ALL you want. If it isn't showing up for you, I guarantee it is probably a tweak here and there that can change everything for you. I want 2018 to be all you intended it to be. 


Check in and see if you need any tweaks in order to manifest your desires. Once you are clear, trust they are on the way, stay out of doubt and fear, and check in a few times a day with yourself to see what you are currently feeling. Adjust as needed.


It is my true desire for you to manifest your deepest dreams!

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