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Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

I want to talk today about something that is near and dear to my heart and that is the subject of manifesting. See many people misunderstand what manifesting is, so I want to discuss it and go as in depth as I can in the short time that I have to share with you.


What is manifesting? That's the big question well. Manifesting is not magic. It's something that you do every single day whether you know it or not. The misunderstand happen when people believe that manifesting means that you can just think about something and Poof, it pops out of thin air and there you go. You've won the lottery or something like that.


Now those things can occur, but the real action that is behind manifesting is awareness. The entire movement of energy is emotion. Emotion, manifestation takes emotion in order for it to come to fruition.



When you are focused on your emotions and your thinking positively about those emotions, you're raising your vibrations. You're bringing yourself to a new level of awareness. When you're at a new level of awareness, you start to see things a little bit differently. You start to notice opportunities that maybe you didn't see before.


See, what you've done is you've taken your emotions and you've put into motion a new opportunity to pop into your awareness so you can actually manifest. You have to take action in order to manifest. There is no way around it. You have to do it. I wish there was another way, but there is not.


The first step in manifesting is making a decision that you want something. When you make that decision, you put your emotions behind it and that emotion gets you excited to put it into action and brings forward new opportunities for you to take so you can manifest.

Let's actually just play with it for a minute and let me explain it like this. Say you're really trying to win the lotto. You want to win the lottery because you think life would be so much easier. Well, that's a thought, but let's think about that. What has to happen for you to win the lottery? Well, you have to have enough energy to get yourself off the couch to go to the store, buy the lottery ticket, and put enough emotion behind it to actually get the correct numbers.


Granted, there's a million people playing the lottery, so your chances are always going to be determined by the amount of people who are playing along your manifestation game. That's why I always ask people, why go for the lottery? Go for something else where the channel's wide open just for you. That's an exciting type of manifestation for me, but you have to make the decision first.


That's the first step in manifesting. Make the decision that you want something. Put your emotions behind it, take action, and then allow for any opportunity to show up for you so you can proclaim the abundance that you're promised.


You absolutely have to believe, for it to happen, that it's your birthright. You were born to be prosperous, to be happy, to be joyful, abundant. I mean the list goes on and on of the good things that you were born to experience.


Now we're having a human experience. We're living in our human bodies and the way that we can create abundance and joy for ourselves is to live in our hearts. Live through our soul and live the power of joy. Then we make the decision for what we want to manifest. It's absolutely about bringing yourself into alignment with what it is you want. When you're attached to your soul, you're attached to everything that you truly want in life.

You begin to manifest faster when you come from your heart because it's something that you believe in. It's something that your heart wants and it's your birthright to receive. Now, you have to learn how to receive too. That's part of manifesting as well.


You can identify whether or not you're manifesting by taking a journal and writing little tiny things down that you notice. I want to manifest better health and then I see my skin. (It's really glowing today by the way)  I see my skin starting to get clearer and healthier and I feel more alive. So I write that down. It's not the exact health that I'm looking for, but my skin's reflection that it's taking place. As I keep noticing the good things that are happening that brings my emotion up, and then I become more aware that I'm aligned and that this is actually manifesting.

Manifesting takes some time. Sometimes it can be instant. Other times, especially how big you're going, It can take longer. So when you're going for something really big, remember the Law of Gestation. That the seed that you are planting needs time to grow. It's happening under the surface. Just allow it to grow and then watch yourself and take notes of the steps that you're receiving.


You can also manifest bad things, so set your intentions clear. Make the decision of what it is you want and step forward in a positive and soulful way. That way you manifest with joy and happiness.  You don't want to start manifesting your fears and doubts. You don't want that to happen.


Now, let's say you do start manifesting bad things. The first thing you can do is stop. Take a time out. Write down what you want, make the decision for what you want, and then again, put the emotions behind it, stepped into these emotions. Look for the opportunities around you to take and then manifesting in a positive way can occur. It's as simple as that.


It's not always easy because we get into our subconscious mind and we trip ourselves up, but there's always manifesting happening. (More on that in the next post.) When you become a deliberate creator, you'll manifest what it is you desire, not what you don't desire. 


Here is to your manifesting success!

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