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Gemini New Moon

The new moon in Gemini is happening on June 13th and it happens at 22 degrees. It'll happen at 3:43 PM on the east coast in the United States and 12:43 on the Pacific coast. What you have to look at during this new moon has a lot to do with how to go forward and initiate new ways of communicating, bringing your ideas to the forefront and expressing yourself, your genius self through the divine feminine.


The number 13 represents the divine feminine in numerology. It's about transformation. It's about death, rebirth, and transformation of all kinds. When you blend that with Gemini energy, you have wittiness, you have charismatic leadership, you have genius ideas, and it's about balancing the masculine energy and how you do things into how can you receive more? How can you receive more so you can express yourself and communicate yourself and more gentle, loving ways to other people.

It's a new moon, so you want to think about how your are implement things. What seeds are you planting that you want to take into the ground and watch grow? Then watch the fruits of your labors over the next couple of weeks flourish. It's about bringing forth the feminine energy, that receptive energy, that loving, nurturing, and that transformation energy of the number 13 as well.


If you look at it, it's about transforming your message, bringing forward more feminine types of energy to balance out all that you've been doing over the last few weeks and receiving more. Come into a place of acceptance.


Now, Venus goes into it as well as it will enter into the sign of Leo a couple hours later after the new moon takes place. Venus is the planet of beauty, love, wealth and abundance. When you look at this all together, and it's going into the sign of Leo, Leo is a fire sign. It's about getting in that limelight, being charismatic. There's that word again. Charismatic.


You've got the Leo energy. You've got the Gemini energy blending together and having you look at how you communicate your beauty and your love. How you nurture people and bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.


How can you plant new ideas into the ground so they can come to fruition in the next few weeks? How do you bring the divine feminine into your life? How do you allow things to come to you and receive in a more gentle, loving way?


Remember, the Gemini energy is fun. It's witty and it's really quick. The shadow side of a Gemini can be that they get melancholy or they disengage. They don't want to be a part of anything and they don't use that genius brain of theirs.


So remember, if you're feeling kind of low during this new moon, it's okay. Your just you're on that shadow side. So flip or pivot, as I always tell my clients, pivot to the higher vibrational frequencies of the Gemini energy that brings charismatic leadership into the mix.


How can you be more fun in your career? How can you be more fun in your relationships? Because Venus is being triggered at this time and moving into Leo, you want to look at the ways that you create money, love, and beauty around you.


This particular new moon happens at 22 degrees. The 22 is the master builder in numerology. It's also the sign of great capacity to build something. It's the master builder. It's about blending your genius ideas, your feminine qualities, how you create love and beauty around you into building something of great value and being that master builder. 

The 22 reduces down to a 4 and that's about building something. What do you want to build? What do you want to plant this new moon? What are your intentions around creating something more genius like, more fun, more witty, more on the stage because that Leo energy also infuses in this new moon.


You want to look at how you can bring your message into the forefront, how you can shine bright, how you can lead with your heart. This is about your message. Definitely. This is about your message. How do you want your message to be received and how can you receive more by expressing yourself in loving, nurturing ways and build something. Build something lasting.


Be that master builder, that builder that wants to both create abundance but has balanced. Because the 22 has doubled 2's, it's about partnership and cooperation, collaboration and especially balanced because there's a double emphasis on the 2.


Again, when you look at this new moon in Gemini happening at 22 degrees, your going to blend it all together and this is the theme: What is your message? How can you be more witty, more fun, charismatic and step into the limelight? How can you showcase your beauty, your love, in the way that you create abundance and build something that is big. Something that is about creating transformation, that is about balance, receiving, and being receptive while also being a partner. Collaborating and cooperating to bring joy and happiness and to others.

You have the ability to plant the seeds this new moon around what you want to create with your message, how you want to be seen, and how you want to communicate your message out into the world. This is a beautiful, beautiful new moon. Spend time journaling some new ways that you can create love and abundance in your life by communicating what's truly in your heart.


Here is to your new transformation while creating balance, abundance, and beauty around you.


Until next time, love and hugs.

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