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Full Super Moon in Gemini

December 3rd we will have a Full Super Moon at 3:47 UTC.  In the States, it will be 10:47 AM Eastern Time, 7:47 AM Pacific Time.  This Full Moon is happening at 11° in Gemini.  The Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune will all be sitting at 11°.  Mercury begins to retrograde (go backwards in movement) at 29°, which reduces to an 11.  This is a very important note to make of this Full Moon.  11 is the master number of spiritual mastery, great psychic powers, and connection between the higher realms and the Earth plane. 

We will have 4 sky bodies sitting at this degree, with Mercury holding the same type of energy.  This is a time of great insights and clearly a time to envision what you want to create for the future, as your ideas are coming from your higher self.  You will have heightened abilities to tap into those deep desires and bring them to the light.  The Moon is asking you to feel your emotions and connect with them 100%.  The Sun is asking you to see that you are a spiritual being, here for a great purpose and are always supported.  Jupiter is asking you to allow yourself to expand your awareness and connection to your higher self so you can experience the freedom and joy that you hold in your heart.  Neptune is asking you to dream, explore, and connect to your intuition as it holds the answers to your desires.  Mercury is asking you to connect to your thoughts and the way you communicate your desires to those around you.  All of this is happening during the Full Moon!

A Full Moon is a time to bring those things that are not working for you, to light and release them.  With Mercury retrograde happening on the same day (it will last for 3 weeks), the message is very clear to go inward and decide to make a change for the future.  This particular Full Moon is a Super Moon which gives it even greater light (it is actually closer to the Earth so it appears bigger than it normally does).  This energy is demanding you to look at your heart's true desire! 

The Full Moon is happening in the sign of Gemini.  Gemini is the sign of communication.  Mercury rules Gemini.  With Mercury going in retrograde at the same time of the Full Moon, you are being asked to look at how you communicate your needs and desires.  Only you can change what isn't working for you.  This is a time to be one with your thoughts and find new ways of doing things.  One thing to be aware of is, when Mercury is retrograde, communication can have some bumps to work around.  Slow down and take time to formulate what you want to say to those in your life.  Read any documents 3-4 times to ensure you are clearly understanding what you are reading.  The over all message here is to take time to ensure you are communicating what you truly mean to communicate.

This is the final Full Moon of the year!  There is no better time to get clear on your intentions for 2018.  Here are a couple of questions to journal around in order to use this energy in your favor. 

What do you want for your relationship in 2018? 
What do you want your career to look like in 2018?
What does prosperity look like for you?
How can you move forward and feel supported in these areas?
What areas do you need to change in your life?
What needs to be brought into the light and transformed?
How can you manifest more wealth in 2018?

Let me know what you want to create in 2018 in the comments!

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