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Full Flower Moon In Scorpio

On May 10th the Full Flower Moon will occur in the sign Scorpio.  This will be one of the most auspicious Full moon’s of the year!  Your relationships and life have the energy of great transformation behind them right now, it’s what the Scorpio energy is all about.  Scorpio is known for being intense and going deep.  Scorpio energy wants to know every last bit there is to know about you and those deep desires. The energy can’t be denied.  When you are in Scorpio energy, you are commanded to feel! Not in a surface level way, but a deep sensual, intense way.  Scorpio is a water sign so it is about the depths of your emotions.  The Full Moon is a time to release so this energy is asking you to let some of this go so you can move into the love that you are seeking or create a deeper love with your partner now!

Be careful with this energy!  It is important not to let your emotions get the best of you.  Scorpio energy is intense and if the fear of being hurt or in danger of being hurt should show up, this energy can sting!  Remember you are here on Earth to love and be loved!  There is risk in that AND there is so much gain when you trust and move in the direction of your true desires!

The Flower Moon is about cultivating what you want.  It’s called the Flower Moon because in the past tribes would spend time planting seeds for their later harvest. They would look forward to the flowers that would bloom and would then create their feast.  It is a time to plant your desires for abundance, love, joy, and happiness.  Find your deep passion and share them with a partner!  LOVE is being planted right now and you can tap into this energy!

It is a time to dig in, as we are still in the earthy Taurus energy of the month. Balancing your desire with the deep emotions that you are exploring can be tricky. Your communication needs to be clear and loving.  It is the combination of planting seeds and quickly transforming your situation.  Stay grounded when taking action with your partner, be clear what you really want, and allow yourself to let go and open up to new possibilities of love and abundance!

This Full Moon is happening on the 10th of May.  10 is the number of instant manifestation!  It’s important to keep your thoughts positive because what you are thinking about will have a tendency to manifest quickly.  If you are looking to change your relationship completely, now is the time!  This energy is here to support you.  You can release the past, cultivate the deep passion inside of you, and transform love in your life!

So, take some time and dig in!  Connect to your deep desires, communicate them lovingly, release the past, and move into a beautiful new chapter!  I’d love to hear how you plan on using this energy.  Comment below and let me know!

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