February New Moon Solar Eclipse

Did you know that the last time there wasn't a Full Moon in February was in 1999!  Isn't that crazy.  Think back to what you were doing in 1999.  It really gives you perspective as to the leaps and bounds you've made since then.  That's why this month is so important!

This New Moon is the only lunation that will occur this month and a partial solar eclipse will occur at the same time!  Now this is pretty spectacular.  Let's dive in and take a look at what you can bring into your life by using this energy.

The New Moon will happen in Aquarius at 27° on February 15th, 4:06 PM ET. Remember, a New Moon is a time to set intentions and give life to a new idea.  This New Moon and Solar Eclipse are forming a positive angle to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.  So you can bet you are going to be tapping into some pretty unique ideas around your independence and personal freedom.  Expect major break throughs with this energy! 

Aquarian energy is the energy of new ideas, out of the box thinking, freedom, and can be a little bit on the rebellious side.  When working with this energy you are going to want to pay attention to any new ideas that come you, no matter how "weird" they seem.  It is a fast moving energy and reaches to the genius center of your mind.  If you have felt a bit confused around any situation in your life, this energy will help you gain clarity and move it forward in the direction you want it to go.

We also have Mercury joining with the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse, which intensifies this type of energy.  Mercury is the planet of communication and ideas.  It is very comfortable in Aquarius, as they have similar energy.

New break through ideas will come to you and the ability to communicate them will be well received by others.  This is perfect energy for manifesting more love and wealth right now!  Why?  Because Venus, the planet of love, wealth, beauty, and abundance is forming a harmonious angel to Saturn and will be exact at the time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse! 

When Venus is in this position with Saturn, you can ask for a deeper commitment with someone you love.  You can ask for more abundance towards your financial situation and your career.  It's a great time to solidify your desires.  These commitments will have long term effects!

Here you have the intention setting of the New Moon.  You have the Solar Eclipse energy asking you to take a pause, look back and see what isn't working, make a plan to heal those situations, and then move those intentions into the light and see the fruits of your labor.  (Eclipse energy lasts anywhere for 6 months to 2 years depending on where it lands on your birth chart.)  You will have access to wonderful ideas of how to bring more love, wealth, and abundance into your life.  The ability to communicate these desires to other is well received and understood.  This is a pivotal moment for the year.  Make sure you spend time working with this energy so that you can manifest your true hearts desire!

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