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Come Back To Your Core

There are many times that you may feel you have all the answers in the world.  You are clear on what you want, how you are going to go about getting it, and about how long it will take to get there.  Just about that time you hit a bump in the road.  Things become a little cloudier.  Maybe you start feeling lost in your direction or maybe you feel lost on what you want to do to get where you want to go.  How do you get back to your core?  Your core is what you are all about at your soul level.  Feeling disconnected from this can be extremely confusing and destructive.  So just how can you get back to what you are all about at your core?

First, one of the most important things to do when you are feeling disconnected is to rest.  Look at your self-care.  Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you getting enough playtime?  Are you exercising and eating right?  These are all part of your rest, or self-care.  Your body needs these things to be as high functioning as you want to be at your core.  If you are struggling in these areas make a list of what you are missing and make a point to make time for them.

Second, identify what you are striving for in your life.  Are you still connected to what you want?  Sometimes this can change and that is ok.  Life has many stepping-stones on its path and realizing this is part of the ultimate challenge of being connected to that core part of you.  If you are still connected to what you want, identify if you are being passionate about it and get really honest with yourself about that.  If you are just going for something on a mediocre level that is what you will get.  Live passionately about what you want and you will get passionate results.

Third, get your plan organized.  You may have already done this and now is a great time to re-organize if you are feeling disconnected to your goal.  Remember your core, or your soul will always direct you to the next step you are to take.  Sometimes you may feel like everything you have done should be wiped away and realize it is just feedback.  The Universe is always supporting you.  Every challenge, set back, struggle you are going through is part of the feedback and support you are to be receiving at that time in your life.  Journal some steps to find your desire about your plan and then let your core pull you to that direction.

Lastly, take action.  Yes you have heard this time and time again.  The truth is it is so important that you take the action you are being pulled to take.  Inspired action can look like complete excitement or it can be inspired action by contrast.  Meaning that you look at what you don’t want and then create what you do want and take the action that will lead you to what you want.  Just get moving and do a little something if you aren’t feeling that motivated.  Once you start moving the wheels start spinning and your core will absolutely step in and get you going again!

It is time now to get back to your core.  Let your soul guide you to be who you are meant to be.  Get your rest.  Identify what you want and your level of passion in regards to that desire.  Organize or re-organize your plan that will move you forward, and take action every day to connect you back to your core!

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