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This one could get a bit emotional!

Let's talk about the New Moon in Cancer happening on July 13th, universal time.


We're going to focus on universal time (July 13th) for this particular New Moon because we have a partial solar eclipse happening at the same time and it activates the number 13.  The partial solar eclipse will intensify the themes of this New Moon. 


The New Moon and partial solar eclipse activate the number of Divine Feminine, the number 13. The number 13 represents receiving. It represents working in a way where you're giving service and being of service.


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This New Moon is happening in Cancer at 20°, so we have the number 2 present as well. We're in an 11 universal year, which reduces down to a 2 and the number 20, which reduces to a 2. So this particular New Moon happening in Cancer is about feminine energy and partnerships. It's receiving energy and the number 13 represents Divine Feminine energy. So this one is going to be more about receiving and nurturing types of energy.


You may have more emotions bubble up during this New Moon because it's in the sign of Cancer. Cancer's the sign that is ruled by the moon. It's emotional, it's feminine, and it's a water sign.


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You're going to be asked to think about your deep emotions around home, family, and stability with the Divine Feminine number being activated on the 13th. We also have the number 2 being represented.


There's a 2 and a 4 activated by this New Moon, which are in the manifesting triad. The manifesting triad is about receiving information, doing things to be of service, taking action and bringing into your awareness something you have been seeking. What you take action on, will begin to manifest.


You will want to work around any kind of home, happiness, and stability type of issues. Cancer can be more of an internal sign. It wants to protect its feelings from the outside world, but it's a very nurturing and loving sign as well. So this is a very loving type of energy that's going to be presented during this particular New Moon.


With the partial solar eclipse happening at the same time, there's an intensification around this. That means there's double the energy. Now, we also have something really unique happening in the skies. We have two grand trines that are going to be formed.


The first one is going to be with Jupiter, which is in the sign of Scorpio, making a trine to Neptune, which is in Pisces. It's in it's home sign of Pisces. Then we have the Sun and the Moon, both in Cancer. Together these aspects great a big triangle in the sky called a Grand Trine. This is a water Grand Trine, intensifying that emotional energy. Intensifying that deep feminine type of energy.


When working in the areas of home, family, love, all of those types of issues, it's all about being of service and stepping up and being that person.  This energy is activated at the same time of this partial solar eclipse and from the New Moon, so you're really going to be feeling this one to the core.


You will want to explore questions such as, what is it that I want to love deeply? What is it that I want to initiate and bring forward? Because remember, New Moons are always about planting the seeds and allowing something to come to fruition over the next couple of weeks.


Because there's this intensification or around water signs and the New Moon is happening in Cancer at 20 degrees, there's a lot to think about in regards to partnerships and how you want to present in partnerships.


How do you want to be loving and nurturing and caring? It's really about connecting to that. Those feelings, those emotions, and then planting those seeds so you can move forward.


With the New Moon happening on the 13th of July, I want to take a look back because a couple days before the New Moon, Jupiter stations from being in retrograde at 13° in Scorpio. That's another water sign being triggered there and that's another 13. It really plays a part of how you can use this feminine energy to move forward in the direction you want.


Again, there's that Divine Feminine number 13 being activated just days before July 13th. This is the number of receiving and being of service. The 13 reduces down to a 4. That's about building. It's also about home. So this is about creating solid partnerships, creating a giving attitude while receiving, being of service, helping, finding ways that you can make people happy, nurture them, love them, and be part of that energy.


The other part to explore is we have an earth Grand Trine happening.  There are 2 Grand Trines. (Grand Trines look like a triangle.) There's two Grand Trines that will actually create a star in the sky.  


The second Grand Trine is with Venus, which is in the earth sign, Virgo, Saturn, which is in Capricorn and Uranus, which is in Taurus. All earth signs, so blend that into the themes of this New Moon and you're going to be looking at how to create nurturing and loving partnerships and more practical and stable ways. Think about to do lists. Think about marking things off your calendar that have been done so you can move on to more abundance and prosperity.


This is going to be grounding energy that will balance all this emotional water sign. This Grand Trine helps ground you and it helps solidify and make these changes in practical ways so you can move forward. That's really cool because Venus just moved into Virgo. Which is about love, abundance, wealth, beauty, moving into that really practical earth sign.  This helps you ground any ideas you have and bring them into fruition in the next couple of weeks.


It's actually a really nice balance that we're going to have between these 2 Grand Trines. But remember, this is a very feminine, receiving type of New Moon Energy we're going to be experiencing. You may be a little bit more emotional than normal and that's okay.


There are some really good forward motion things happening. With Jupiter moving forward from retrograde and that will help you move forward around any of these ideas that you want to bring to the surface and deal with and then move on to a greater, happier, more abundant partnership, more loving, nurturing relationship.


So this is a really good time to take a nice hot bath and just get in touch with your emotions, be with your emotions. Don't run from them, be with them. Find what it is you want to bring to service for somebody in your life or someone that you want in your life.


How can you be more giving and loving and nurturing, and at the same time, how can you receive more? It's about self worth, self love, nurturing yourself and being that which you want to bring into your life and in more abundant ways.


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