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Becoming Social on Facebook, Reach Out, Be Yourself, and Make Friends

Awe, the power of the Internet! We can now network with people across the globe and in the comfort of our own homes! All through the channels of social media. When this is done correctly, you can make new friends and attract in new dream clients.


How does one go about this...


So many business owners forget about the “social” part of social media. A huge component of what makes social media work for you is actually being social. It’s simply not enough to create your personal profile and business page and then disappear, waiting for people to find you and buy from you. You've got to get out there and make yourself be seen.


While that sounds like a fantastic idea, it just doesn’t work because marketing is about building relationships. And what do good, strong relationships have in common? Communication and interaction between the two parties. You sitting back and waiting for others to do the work is quite the opposite of communicating and interacting. Another big tip around this, is to come from a place of service. Think, how can I show up and help this person? Here's a few ways to get social media working in your favor while also attracting new leads.


Plan Daily Posts


Consistency is key to growing a social media audience and that means daily posts on your personal profile, business page, and in your prospect group if you have one. These posts should all be written differently to avoid getting labeled by Facebook as a “spammer” but they can certainly have the same theme or message. If your not one for mixing your personal profile with your business, that is totally fine. Just make sure you're out there interacting on your business page. 


Think About Your Target Market


Who is your dream client? When are they active on Facebook, during the day or evening? Do they belong to any particular groups that you are interested in? Think about your special client avatar – your ideal client – and plan your postings accordingly. What does she really need help with? Do you have advice that can help her? Understanding her needs will aid you in reaching her directly. Then serve her when you see she needs help. You can also interact as a friend, creating alignment.


Leave Comments to Start a Conversation


Instead of just “liking” a post on someone’s page, leave a comment or ask a question to start a conversation, be friendly. This can occur in a group, page, or personal profile. Be authentic when choosing your words and if a conversation ensues, consider sending a Friend Request. I usually do most of my commenting in a group. That way others who are "lurking" behind the scene may feel compelled to reach out.


Pay Attention to Who Is Interacting With Your Posts


When someone leaves a comment or likes one of your posts, click into their personal profile and determine if this person is a part of your target audience. If so, consider sending a Friend Request or following them. You can also check to see if they manage a business page by looking at their about section on their person profile. If the do, consider supporting them by liking and following their business page.


Share Some Free Advice


This is especially true in groups when other members ask a question or need help solving a problem. If you know the answer, give it freely instead of adding a link to your product (check the group rules first). You don’t’ have to give away all your trade secrets but this is a simple way to show others in the group that you know what you’re talking about and you care about helping others. If someone is engaging in the comments with you, you can send them a Friend Request and start a private conversation in messenger.


Plan an Online Event and Encourage Others to Share with a Friend


Video is HOT when it comes to attracting your audience and developing a relationship quickly so take advantage of using Facebook Live. Plan out what you want to talk about (consider an overview of your business; or a sneak peek at your book or signature class; or the Top 10 reasons why you need a coach). Create some buzz and let your followers know the day and time of the Live event and encourage them to share the day/time with their friends. In this scenario, your video should offer useful tips or information for your target market. If they like what they hear and they are attracted to your style of presenting, they will search quickly become followers.


Be creative when it comes to finding new followers on Facebook and remember to nurture the relationship with these new friends. 

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