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Your Power this Aries New Moon

aries astrology mercury retrograde new moon numerology zodiac Apr 13, 2018

Your Power this Aries New Moon

Whew, what a crazy month it's been so far!  The energy was pretty intense through the last 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde.  I used it in my favor to complete a few important projects and get my taxes done.


How did you manage your energy over the last few weeks?


Now for the good news, everything is about to shift in a big way!  It all starts on April 14th, the day before the New Moon and when Mercury stations direct after being retrograde (going backwards) for the last 3 weeks.


On April 14th, Jupiter, the planet of luck, joy, and expansion, and Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and truth, create a VERY auspicious angle in the sky, called a sextile.  


This angle triggers amazing energy in the form of wealth, power, impact, and influence.  It is usually associated with your career yet it plays out over all areas in your life.  It is powerful energy that touches the depth of you truth.


Working with this energy you will want to ...... 


  • Journal around your truth - what does your personal power look like?
  • Implement any action steps that are needed to create more personal power!
  • Set powerful NEW intentions around manifesting wealth, prosperity, and love in your life!


The following day on April 15th, we have a powerful New Moon


The New Moon takes place on April 15th at 9:57 PM ET at 26°.  The month of April in numerology is a 15/ 6 Universal month.  This event triggers a 15:15 or a 6, 6 code.  This code is about beauty, love, and abundance.  Since it is being activated in a double 6 code, it is intensified 2 folds! 

It asks you to speak from the heart and lead with love!


New Moon energy brings to life new beginnings.  With love leading the energy, you are in good hands!


This Aries New Moon has a lot more going on than meets the eye!  Let's explore!


Looking at the astrology of this New Moon, we have Aries energy fusing with the love and abundance energy that the number 6 carries.  Aries energy is about YOU, your independence, your strength, how you take the lead.  It is powerful, take charge energy.


This is asking you to look at how you want to usher in new ways of leading powerfully with love.  How are you going to take charge of your wealth, your prosperity, & your love life?


Working with this energy, you will want to......


  1. Infuse all actions with love!
  2. Stand tall and take the lead in the areas of abundance, love, and prosperity!
  3. Find ways you can be more powerful while expressing yourself in a compassionate way.
  4. Be confident in your leadership!
  5. Be VISIBLE!  Let your message be heard


Mercury stations direct hours before the New Moon! 


The New Moon is happening at 26°And Mercury stations At 4°.  When a planet stations to either go direct or retrograde, you will feel the energy of this planet intensify.  The 26 reduces to an 8.  The number 8 and 4 represent the manifestation triad.  They also represent working and building a strong foundation for something to reach it's ultimate potential.  4 and 8 also bring forward fated and karmic experiences.


With Mercury going direct and the New Moon occurring on the same day, there will definitely be some karmic events to watch out for.  Mercury is the planet of communication, writing, speaking, and wisdom.  There is wisdom in your message.


This energy is asking you: 

What are YOU here to communicate that you are karmically responsible for?  The New Moon energy is asking you to feel into your truth around this message you are here to share.


To wrap it all together


The New Moon is a time to step forward with your new intentions of powerfully being in your truth.  It is a time to build your foundation and make it strong.  You are able to implement your message and be heard.  You are here to be YOU!  When you lead with love, you lead in a joyful and expansive way!  Abundance, prosperity, and love are at your finger tips!


Be sure and share this with anyone you know would could benefit!


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