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Full Moon In Virgo: Health and Healing

11:11 astrology full moon numerology virgo Feb 28, 2018

Today is the final day of February.  March has a much more calming energy surrounding it, so let's usher it in with open arms! 

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March is a Universal 5 month.  This number is associated with a lot of movement and change.  It's a great month for socializing, travel, and getting into a new workout routine.  Although this month is vibrating to movement and change, we bring it in with a beautiful, calming, Full Moon.

This Full Moon happens in Virgo on March 1st for those of us in the States.  This is the third Full Moon happening at 11°.  We are in an 11 Universal year so here we are solidifying the theme of the number 11.  The number 11 is the gateway number between your higher self and being grounded on Earth.  It's about BEING one with both.  Watch for those 11:11 moments as a reminder to stay connected to your higher dreams while staying in the present.

The 11 energy is also associated with intuition and your dreams.  The Sun is in Pisces at this time, highlighting these attributes.  You may start having very vidid dreams and your gut feelings may be spot on.  Carry a notebook around to capture your ideas as they are sent from your higher self and can spark some amazing inspirations.

For this Full Moon in Virgo, we have grounding energy that will help us stay focused and organized.  Virgo energy is about creating beauty through healing and organization throughout our day to day activities.  Virgo rules the 6th house of health, healing, and service.  This is the time to focus on those areas of your life.

During this Full Moon, you can tap into this energy by journaling around ways you can heal old patterns.  Make a list of new ideas that are focused on your health and will help bring more beauty to your surroundings through service.  These new ideas need to be organized as Virgo is an Earth sign.  Earth signs love organization as it brings order and beauty to the world.

You can raise your vibrations and emotions this month by staying in the moment and keeping your surroundings organized.  Focus on your daily routine.  Add some movement into your day and remember to stay grounded.  With your intuition peaked this month, take time to consciously ground yourself in the here and now. 

Don't worry about the future or spend too much time in the past.  Heal those old patterns that aren't working for you and focus on creating better health for yourself.  Be of service when you are able.  Service creates beauty as it helps increase the positive vibration in yourself and those your are serving.

Enjoy the energy of the next couple of weeks!  Spring is coming and you will want to be rested!  Believe me, there is a lot of energy needed for spring but more on that next time.  Until then.....

Hugs and love,


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