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The Theme for the Taurus New Moon - Abundance!

The New Moon in Taurus is happening in the early hours on May 15th.  New Moon's are about initiation and activation.  They're about new beginnings.  It's the time to plant your intentions and let them manifest. 


The numerology of this date activates love, abundance, and nurturing energy.  The New Moon occurs on the 15th at 24°.  Both of these numbers reduce to the number 6.  The number 6 represents compassion, love, abundance, and nurturing energy.  It's kind, loving, and needs to be expressed through understanding.  This energy is activated twice on during this New Moon giving it double intensity. 


This New Moon is occurring in Taurus, the sign of abundance, stability, ambition, and beauty.  On the same day, Uranus, the planet of out of the box ideas, creative breakthroughs, and freedom moves into the sign of Taurus.  Uranus has been in Aries for the last 7 years.  This shift is very significant as any time a planet changes signs, there is an intensity of the energy of the planet.  This means for this New Moon the Taurus energy will be extremely potent.  The energy is asking you to look at how you can break free from past patterns and come up with new, creative ideas that will create change around your abundance. 


The New Moon is also sitting opposite Jupiter, the planet of luck, joy, and abundance.  This triggers the need for balance around your abundance.  It's asking you to look at ways you can joyfully initiate your abundance.  What are some ways you can learn to manifest with more joy?  There is tension there that will make you look at how you are creating prosperity in your life and shows you what areas you will need to change in order to turn on your "lucky" switch.


Jupiter is also making a positive angle to Neptune, called a trine.  This opens up the doors to your intuition around creating financial windfalls and expanding into your dreams.  This is a perfect energy to use to amp up your connection to your heart's true desires and create wealth by following your intuition.


The Sun and Moon are making a trine to Mars and Pluto as well.  This energy sparks your ambition and ignites your ability to transform.  With the Taurus energy being intense, the theme here is transformation through courageous action which will help you manifest abundance and stability in your life.


If you take all of this energy and combine it, you see the theme around activating your prosperity through new ideas, courageous action, and connecting to your dreams is the way!    You can manifest all you desire!  You can manifest abundance and prosperity!  


If you are frustrated that your prosperity hasn't shown up yet, trust it can manifest.  And you don't need to do it alone and it doesn't have to be hard. 


Imagine if you could start creating more prosperity with the ease you want....


Your "lucky" switch can be turned on quickly! 


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This is the perfect time to plant your intentions to manifest with the New Moon!  Use this energy in your favor and take action to transform your life!


I know you can manifest abundance and prosperity quickly!


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