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Scorpio Full Moon

Pink Full Moon In Scorpio

There are some pretty cool themes to explore here so let's dive in!  It's called a Pink Moon because it "heralds the appearance of the “moss pink,” or wild ground phlox- one of the first spring flowers." According to the Farmers Almanac.  


The Full Moon at 9° in Scorpio is happening on April 29th (in the States), April 30th (in other parts of the world).  The Sun is also at 9°, as it is sitting opposite of the Moon.  On April 30th, the Universal date is a 9.  This activates a triple 9 code.  This is a very compassionate, loving theme of release for this Full Moon.  Since it is a triple code, expect this theme to be intensified.  Which brings me to the Scorpio energy of this event.


It is happening in the sign of Scorpio, which is a deeply intense sign.  You can expect to feel the intensity.  You have Scorpio, the sign of deep truth, power, and transformation fusing with the leadership, humanitarian, compassionate energy of the 9.  The merging of these two energies creates a theme of getting to the truth of the situation that will powerfully allow you to step into the leader you are here to be in a compassionate way by releasing something that is no longer serving you.  


Can you feel the intensity of this?



If you look at the numerology around the April 29th date, you have the 29 reducing to an 11.  We are in an 11 Universal yearThis signifies the opening of the 11:11 portal.  The gateway that connects the Heavens and the Earth.  This energy is all about truth, intuition, standing on your own two feet, leadership, and receiving deep spiritual messages.  


Looking at the triple 9 code and the 11:11 code, you can see that there is an intense need for truth and leading through your own intuition during this time.  Since the Full Moon is about releasing the things that need to be let go by bringing these into the light and transforming them to serve you, the message is clear!  It is time to bring forward your truth around leadership and your personal power.


The truth will set you free!  By releasing through compassion and love, the transformation will be easier.  There is power in truth.  Truth comes from within. 


What is your truth? 

What is powerful for you?


The Sun is also making a positive angle to Saturn, called a Trine.  The energy that is being put off by this angle is about focusing on your obligations around work and success.  It is shining the light on your work and success!  The question to ask is, are you being lead to be more of a powerful leader in your work and career?  


The Moon is making a positive angle to Saturn as well, called a sextile.  This angle brings forth energy that has you feeling good around how you see your work and success.  It is a serious type of energy.  With the intensity of the Scorpio influence, the 11:11 code, and the triple 9 energy, you will feel the power of this energy most definitely!


Blending it all together, you have powerful themes of release and transformation by letting go of things that hold you back from being a leader.  You must look at the truth of your work situation and look at how you can focus on your success through love and compassion.  Trust your intuition and stand on your own two feet.


To your success!

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