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Capricorn Full Moon 2018

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I'm excited to share with you the upcoming events around the Capricorn Full Moon happening in most parts of the world on June 28 and in some parts of the United States on June 27th. It happens early in the morning on the 28th in most of the world, so let's take a peek.


This Full Moon in particular is going to be about work, career, and responsibilities because Capricorn rules the planet Saturn. Saturn rules the 10th house in astrology, which is the house of work, career, and success. Saturn is going to be sitting right on top of this Full Moon at the time of this event. This causes an intensity with this energy that focuses on your career, to bringing into light anything that's not working for you in your career, and will ask you to change it and going about things in a new way.


Now, here's something even more fascinating about this event is that Mars went into retrograde two days before the Full Moon. Mars in retrograde is about looking inward at how you're taking actions on things.

This energy is asking you to go inward and see if there's something that you need to shift, release, let go of, or maybe there's something that you've wanted to do for awhile and you haven't been doing it. 


Now it's time to bring that out.

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This Full Moon is really about that courage, to bring it forward. Mars will be in retrograde for a couple months, into August, so we have a couple months to be looking at this. If there's something that we want to change in our career, this Full Moon really brings on the energy of taking a peek inside and moving towards a different way. Is there a better way of doing things in your career or in any area that promotes prosperity or abundance in a financial way? With Saturn, the planet of responsibility and being the timekeeper, being triggered, it asking, have you taken the time to do what you need to do?

What's your responsibility around your career? 


Remember, if you need to change something, it's okay. Just do it. You'll feel a lot better. You're very supported on this.


There's a couple other transits going on around the same time as the Full Moon. One of these transits, is that Venus is going to be making a difficult angle to Neptune. What that means is that you may have some unrealistic ideas about your love life or unrealistic ideas about your partner.


Maybe some fantasies, or dreamy expectations. Notice that maybe you're putting too much pressure on that fantasy. Come back to the simple hugs, kisses or flirting. Allow that energy of unrealistic expectations to dissipate, a be grateful for the normalcy of a relationship, it's okay to have an every day relationship. Not every day needs to be full of excitement and fantasy between you and your lover. Not everything is all about being swept off our feet. So take it easy right there with this energy when you're looking at your relationships or if you're trying to attract a partner into your life.


We also have the Moon and  Saturn sitting on top of one another and the Sun will obviously be be the opposite of that. It's shining the light on Saturn and saying, okay, now's the time to take responsibility around your career.


We also have the Moon making a positive angle to Uranus, and that energy is about feeling like you're gonna bust out and make a change and do something really different! It's that feeling of, "I want something new in my life", so you're going to feel that as well. That'll blend into your career. It could also blend into the Venus energy of having an unrealistic expectation. 


You could use this energy because your imagination is going to be on fire and you're going to have some really cool, unique ideas. 


You could possibly bring those ideas into your love life and see how that goes, but just don't put any expectations around it. And then everything should be okay.


Then we have the Sun is also making a positive angle called the sextile, to Uranus at the same time. So again, this is like your inner light shining bright in a really unique, fun and different way. Uranus is all about being different. It's out of the box thinking, it's kind of a rebel. So how can you do things differently during this time or even as you're reflecting?


How can you do things differently around your career, around your expectations, with your relationships? How you can change and bring new ideas into your career so you bring in more abundance and prosperity in a unique way? Maybe do something that's really different that you've been thinking about, but you haven't had enough courage to do it. Maybe now is the time!

You can go inward. Look at that energy and bring that forward. This is the time.


Full Moons are always about release, so this is a time for you to let go of what doesn't excite you anymore. For this full moon, I suggest you journal. There's not really a lot of fiery type of energy that's going to be ignited during this time.


This particular Full Moon would be just fantastic to journal any new ideas, go inward and meditate and visualize something new and fun coming your way.


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