Activate your abundance this Blue Full Moon

How's Mercury retrograde been for you so far?  It has been pretty pleasant for me, yet it has been more of a personal time that I have been experiencing. 

As you know, I took a couple of weeks to go inward and find more of my truth.  I turned off all my notifications and only checked my email, social media account, and messages 1 time a day.  Sure, I did client work but let them know I would be answering questions during a specific time.  It was wonderful!

I also started my journey of becoming Reiki certified!  I love energy work and have been drawn to this healing modality for some time now.  I have a ton of insights on how I want to share this with you and help you with healing around love, money, relationships, and living in prosperity!  I am super excited to share those details but all in due time.  The emotional connection I feel to myself right now is mind-blowing.

WOW!  What a difference I have felt.  I HIGHLY encourage you to unplug more during the last 2 weeks of Mercury retrograde.  What you will walk away with is your truth and desires surfacing in a much clearer way.  It is liberating!

While I'm on the subject of liberating, there is a Blue Full Moon coming on on Saturday that I would love to share some insights about.  This particular Full Moon is centered around liberation and balance through your ability to create abundance!  It fits perfectly into the final phase of the retrograde period.

Let's explore the numerology surrounding the Blue Full Moon that will be happening in the sign of Libra on March 31st.  It happens at 10° in Libra while the Sun is at 10° in Aries. 

  • Libra is a cardinal sign. 
  • Cardinal signs lead.  This activates the number 1 (by the way 7 of 10 planets will be in cardinal signs during this Full Moon.  Are you getting the hint?)
  • Aries is a cardinal sign. 

The numbers 10, 1, 31, and 4 are activated.  The number 10 represents instant manifestation while taking the lead and reduces to the number 1.  The number 31 represents the genius ideas that you create during work and reduces to the number 4.  This energy sparks a new idea that is pure genius which can lead to liberating your abundance if you work your plan!

The astrology is pointing to the liberation through work.  Libra is a sign that focuses on balance, justice, and truth.  When you are in alignment with this energy, you work towards creating harmony.  Harmony occurs when everything is working together. 

There are 7 of the 10 planets, including the Sun and Moon in cardinal signs during this Full Moon that are begging you to take the lead.  They are creating a harmonious message!  Start initiating your plan by putting the pieces together.  I don't encourage you to release this plan out into the world at this point.  Wait until after April 15th when the energy is ripe.  (Watch for my future email that goes deep into the power of April 14th/15th, it's pretty exciting).

There is also a powerful angle being created in the sky with the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn called a T-square.  This astrological energy can create tension if not balanced.  It is an extremely powerful angle that is meant to help you take initiative towards your abundance.  This angle signifies the importance of work.  You will need to focus on work and getting things done if you want to prosper in the next month.  Both Mars and Saturn represent work and career.

The Mars energy is asking you to take action and step forward.  Saturn is saying, slow down and create a detailed plan.  That can be confusing.  The key here is to balance out both energies.  You need both to be a powerful action taker and lead the way through a detailed plan.  Remember to breathe and take your time before you jump into anything new.  Mercury retrograde is still in full effect.  Be patient.

Venus also moves into Taurus on this date!  Venus rules Libra and Taurus.  Venus is the planet of love, wealth, beauty, and abundance.  Her energy is pure on this date!  It's an opportunity to look at what you need to release (Full Moons encourage release work), bring to the light and transform in order to bring more love and prosperity into your daily life.

When working with the Law of Attraction during this time, remember to focus on what YOU want.  Work with answering these questions on the date of the Full Moon.  What makes you feel beautiful and abundant?  How does your career plan play a part of your wealth?  Is there anything you would change around your career and creating wealth?  How can you step up and be the leader you are here to be?  What can you let go of that will bring you to a higher vibrational feeling?  Connect to your dreams and expand on those during this time!

  • If you would like to share some of your insights with me, I would love that and invite you to send your response to me. 
  • I am creating my 2nd quarter blog posts as well and if you want something covered, I would love to do that for you.  Send those questions to me as well!

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