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New Year, how you can make it great!

11:11 2018 cancer capricorn full moon full super moon law of attraction Dec 29, 2017

We are in the final days of 2017.  How was this past year for you?   

I know for me personally, I had a year of tremendous breakthroughs and made amazing new connections.  One of my major wins I had was launching my podcast!  With all the goodness that 2017 brought, I can tell you I am so excited for 2018!

2018 will be a time of new beginnings!  Literally, we will be stepping into 2018 with a Full Super Moon on January 1 or 2nd, depending on where you are located.  In the States, it will happen on January 1st.  This is the 2nd consecutive Full Super Moon's and it won't be the last!  There will be another Full Super Moon on January 31st!  That means we will have experienced 3 consecutive Full Super Moons stringing together the final moments of 2017 and the very beginning of 2018.  This is a message from above asking you to SEE your greatness.  Look at your desires and see how you can bring them forward into the light.  Your dreams are illuminated now, big time!  This is the time to implement any plans that bring your dreams into reality!

The numerology of 2018 gives even more insights.  2018 is an 11 Universal year.  That number reduces to a 2.  The Universal energy of 2018 will be fused with the double ones of the 11 and blend them with the 2 energy to form a beautiful partnership.  January is a 12/3 Universal month.  This energy is one of intuition, connection while standing on your own two feet, joy, and deep spiritual truths.  It is forward moving energy with the 1, 2, 3 code being represented.  If you have had any uncertainty over the past year, you will get the clarity you seek in 2018!  Your insights and intuition will be spot on all through out 2018.

The Full Super Moon will occur in Cancer at 11°.  Again, we see the number 11 represented.  The theme here is to listen to your insights and intuition.  Trust that you are connected to deep spiritual truths and they are leading you to a beautiful partnership that is co-creating the delicious dream you have envisioned.  Infuse joy in your dreams to help them manifest more quickly.  Don't hide in your protective shell.  Allow yourself to be the loving energy of Cancer and resist the urge to hold in your emotions.

Cancer is a water sign, so be ready for some emotions to be stirred up!  It's perfectly normal.  It's ok to release any stuck emotions and let them go out of your body.  Cry if you need to.  Release is always part of growth.  It is a great time to take a bath or even better, go to a float tank and meditate while you are held by the salt water.  Allow your feelings to surface.  Move through any discomfort and invite peace and love into your soul.

Another part of the Full Super Moon I want to tell you about is this wonderful positive geometric shape that it is forming in the sky.  The shape is called a Grand Trine in astrology and reflects success when you incorporate the attributes that make up the shape.  This Grand Trine is formed by the Moon (your emotions) in Cancer at 11°, Neptune (your dreams) in Pisces at 11°, Mars (how you take action) in Scorpio, joining with Jupiter (expansion and joy) in Scorpio.  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all water signs!  I promise you will FEEL this one to the depths of your core.  The 11 is present with Neptune and the Moon in an 11 Universal year on the 1st day of the year.  That is a ton of emotional 1 energy.  Focus on yourself, your dreams, and how you feel.  Use your intuition to direct your emotions, how you take action and how you dream, and fuse it with joy, happiness, and expansion.  When you do this, you will be lead to a place of cooperation and success.

Lastly, there will be 3 planets and the Sun in Capricorn during this time.  This energy is reminding you to stay grounded and structured.  It is a great time to start a workout program that allows you to move the emotions through your body.  It is also reminding you not to get lost in your imagination.  Make your plan real.  Plan your days out and stick to your schedule.  Just remember to schedule time to meditate, dream, and connect with others.

To break it all down into bite size steps so you can make 2018 your best year yet:

1.  Take note of your greatness - write down 5 of your greatest accomplishments and give yourself praise and gratitude for completing them.

2.  Pay attention to your insights and intuition - get a journal and write down anything thoughts you get and feel into which ones light up your passion.  Then keep a list of those so you can develop a plan around how to work with these in 2018.

3.  Trust that you are here to co-create a beautiful partnership while standing in your own light and power - take note of business partnerships you may desire and look at your romantic partnerships.  Are they what you want them to be?  If not, get clear on what you do want them to look like and work towards that, as partnerships is a major theme for 2018.

4.  Feel into any blocks or stuck emotions - get in touch with your feelings and release any unwanted emotions through self-care and exercise.  Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions so you can release them once and for all!

5.  Focus on what you want - focus on your dreams, your desires, act in positive and loving ways, infuse joy and happiness into your plan, structure your days in order to support your dreams so that they manifest in physical form, quickly!

6.  Stay grounded and work from a schedule - get a calendar and schedule out your plan of action.  This is not a year to fly by the seat of your pants.  Write out your goals, make a step by step plan, and take action each day!  

This is the year for you to create all you desire in your career, your love life, and your over all prosperity! 

Wishing you an amazing 2018!


Love and Hugs,


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