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healing Jul 10, 2020

I wanted to take some time today to reach out and purely connect with you.

If you've been a part of my community for a while, you know I often feel called to be really vulnerable with you and share deeply what is going on for me personally.

During my journaling time this morning I had some intense emotions. I couldn't put my finger on it but something about today felt heavy even though I felt amazing when I woke up.

About an hour into my writing, my meditation music was interrupted with a call from my dad.

I had a weird feeling it wasn't a normal call.

After a few pleasantries, he went on to tell me that my cousin is extremely sick. She has stage four cancer. She's been given 6 months to live.

I haven't been in contact with her for over 20 years but I felt horrible about the news.

See, I decided long ago that I didn't vibe well with my family and therefore created a lot of distance with my relatives.

It's not that I think they're bad people or that I'm better than them in any way,...

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Mindset Matters: Getting Inside the Head of Top Dollar Coaches

business coaching mindset Jun 04, 2019

When you think about the highest earning business coaches, people like Ali Brown and Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo, what comes to mind?


Charisma, experience, and expertise are often at the top of the list, but would it surprise you to know that those are not the most important characteristics?


In fact, while those things do help attract and keep an audience, there’s one thing that is absolutely critical to their success, and you can’t even see it.


It's Mindset.


It’s true. In everything you do, whether in business or in life, your mindset is the determining factor when it comes to your success. I would even go so far to say that starting a coaching business and making it successful is 85% mindset.


And your coaching business is no different.


If your mindset isn't in the right place you will make excuses not to do things that will create sales. You won't stick to your calendar and do the things you need to...

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Mind Blowing Sales

Building your dream business is fun!


Working with clients is fun!


Creating programs that help people.....FUN!


Making mind blowing sales........(screech...) oh no, I think we hit a snag!


I hear it all the time!


Mary, I love working with people but I hate "selling" to them!


Have you ever wondered why it's so easy for some people to sell and other people struggle with it?


The crazy thing is that it has little to do with tools, strategies, or scripts.


There is one thing that makes the difference between being good at selling and hating selling. It's all about what the person thinks about sales. It's their mindset around selling.


I'm around a lot of people who sell every day and the attitude that the successful ones have is that sales are a service not a chore.


Maybe you've heard someone say this before but it's true, when you shift from the sale being something that goes against someone to the view that...

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Power Pack Your Packages

Let's talk about packaging your services.


Through this series, I've talked with you around list building (need that step - click here), nurturing or serving your audience (need that step - click here), and now I want to take you through power packing your packages!


What do I mean by this?


When you are building your online business you will want to have something to sell to your audience. This will be something of high value!


This is where you help them receive the transformation you are promising.


Remember, people hire you because they want YOU to help them receive that one thing that you have or have helped other people achieve.


(Do You Want Help Planning Out Your High Value Coaching Package? Download Your Free "Power Pack Your Package" Planner Here!)


When you offer your services, you're offering them a chance to create that change in their life.


This is exactly why you put your best stuff in your package! 



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The #1 Thing You Must Have To Grow a Successful Online Coaching Business

Build it and they will come.....


Oh so NOT true!


Many coaches and heart-based service providers start their online journey in hopes to help people transform their lives. I bet you did too!


You work and work all day building your website, posting to social media, participating in groups, writing your blog but have zero clients!


You're tired and feel like your efforts go unnoticed.


I know you have an amazing gift and that you can help people find happiness and joy through whatever service you provide. I believe that with all of my heart!


The problem is, you just can't seem to find these clients. 


You see so many other people making "it" work and you know you are meant to provide your client the transformation they so desperately want. 


It's killing your soul not to mention your bank account!


You give and give but nothing is comes back. 


Your partner is always asking you "when" you think...

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Finding Your Ideal Client Match

How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?


We’ve all heard about these client avatar exercises. It’s the first thing you’re taught when you first start your business: Create an ideal client avatar. Name her, describe her, know everything about her!


This vision of your ideal client guides everything you do, including pricing (you can’t charge that single mom as much as you can the CEO of a Fortune 500 company), pain points (mom probably isn’t worried about shareholders), and even the color of your logo. You need to have this in your mind when writing emails, blogs, and any marketing material.


Need to know where to find these ideal clients?

Check out our FREE download 10 Places to Find Your Ideal Client. 


So you spend a few hours considering things such as:

  • Age group
  • Income
  • Family status
  • Education
  • Lifestyle goals
  • Location
  • What she loves
  • What magazines she reads
  • Where she hangs out


You even write up...

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Attract More Followers On Facebook

Consistency Yields More Followers on Facebook


If you want to build an audience of loyal followers and fans on any social media platform, consistency must be a part of your posting strategy. How many times a day you post is your choice and some quick market research will tell you when your target audience is most likely to be online but the key to success is to post every single day.


I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook Business Pages that just seem to gather dust because the owner got overwhelmed or too busy managing other parts of their business to keep up with posting interesting and engaging items on their page. Even if they are the biggest and brightest expert in their field, having a social media profile that lacks information will lead prospects to question why they aren’t more active.


Planning Your Social Media Posts


Instead of staring blankly at your empty Business Page, take out a calendar instead – or create a color-coded Google...

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Becoming Social on Facebook, Reach Out, Be Yourself, and Make Friends

Awe, the power of the Internet! We can now network with people across the globe and in the comfort of our own homes! All through the channels of social media. When this is done correctly, you can make new friends and attract in new dream clients.


How does one go about this...


So many business owners forget about the “social” part of social media. A huge component of what makes social media work for you is actually being social. It’s simply not enough to create your personal profile and business page and then disappear, waiting for people to find you and buy from you. You've got to get out there and make yourself be seen.


While that sounds like a fantastic idea, it just doesn’t work because marketing is about building relationships. And what do good, strong relationships have in common? Communication and interaction between the two parties. You sitting back and waiting for others to do the work is quite the opposite of communicating...

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Can You Believe It?

Can you believe that 2018 is heading into the last quarter of the year?


It blows my mind how fast things go.


That got me thinking of how we relate to time. I hear my clients say to me, "It's just not happening fast enough!" And in the same breath say "I feel like I don't have enough time!"


It's a pretty fascinating dichotomy if you think about it.


First, you have this feeling that things are taking way too much time to show up for you, such as money or something you really want. Then, you have this feeling that things are happening too fast therefore leaving you with no time to do the things you need to do to bring your desire into form.


Think about how you put these feelings out into the world.


If the Universe responds to the sum total of what we are feeling, which is the Law of Attraction, then how does it know what to respond to?


Time can't be moving too slow and too fast in the...

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Learn the Effects the Full Moon in Aquarius/Eclipse of July 2018 Will Activate

Full Moon In Aquarius/Eclipse of July 2018


Today I want to cover all of the energy that will be triggered, transmuted, and going to effect  us for at least the next month.


We have a Full Moon happening with an eclipse, and this eclipse is the longest eclipse of the century. It's going to be an hour and 23 minutes. This Full Moon, the Sun will be in Leo and the Full Moon is happening in Aquarius, so this is a really exciting time because eclipses bring things to light. They bring things out from the depths of our soul and have us look forward and really move through.


Full Moons are always about release. During Full Moons we bring to the surface, bring to light something that needs to be released, healed, changed so we can move forward and more into prosperity and abundance.

This is a super exciting time. Now, it'll happen at 4:20 PM ET. It will be on July 27th. That is 2:20PM MT, 1:20 Pacific Time. It's going to be happening during our...

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