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My most exclusive coaching package designed to create your dream business!


Are You Ready For A Business Explosion?

Are you ready to put confusion, worry, and doubt behind you so that you can start working with clients you love and build the business of your dreams?

Your Business is Meant to Thrive


Building the business of your dreams is easy, isn't it? Simple, sure! Easy, not so much....


Let's face it, building a coaching business can be hard work.


It’s true that things can go off track and not follow your plan even when you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to do what's right to make your business successful.


There are so many different ways to build a coaching business and you may feel pulled in a million different ways.


This can cause confusion, doubt, worry, and cause you to stop dead in your tracks.


But you can change all that once and for all and start attracting your ideal clients and create the revenue you desire.


When you shift from WORRY, DOUBT, and CONFUSION and into TRUST, ACCEPTANCE, and LOVE you’ll be amazed by how easily everything begins to shift. You are a powerful creator and you can be even more powerful by learning to build your business more consciously.


  • It's time for you to claim your ideal clients! 
  • It's time you have a proven system set up to convert the very best clients!
  • It's time for you to start focusing on each step of your sales process so that you become profitable!
  • It's time for you to be unstoppable!
  • It's time for you to THRIVE!


By building out your entire sales funnel, start to finish, with proven strategies and a powerful mindset, you will have the business you love while bringing in consistent and reliable income!


Your connection with your ideal clients will be undeniable, your relationships with them will be stronger, your prosperity level will be off the charts, and you will be living with a peace of mind that you once thought was impossible!


How Can I Be Sure Of This?


I have been in the helping profession as a Social Worker, Coach, Group Facilitator, and Clinical Assessment Director for the past 26 years. I have a Master's in Social Work, Certified Rapid Results Coach, Certified Business Coach, and I'm a Certified Law of Attraction Coach.


I'm not someone who decided that being a coach or a healer would be fun because I had read a couple of powerful books, been to some really cool retreats or seminars, took a weekend certification program, and decided I could put up a website and change someone's life with positive thinking!

I have dedicated my entire life to learning, studying, and helping people find inner peace, healing, learn marketing, and business building skills. It's part of my own personal power! I have seen what works and what doesn't.


I help women coaches, consultants, and healers attract their ideal clients and build a business full of happiness and prosperity by using a system and formula that works on autopilot.


This is where my unique power intertwines with your unique power!

Together we create magic for your business!


During this jaw-dropping and comprehensive program, we will create the perfect plan for what YOU most need during our time together. After being in this field for over 26 years, I realize there are a few areas you are likely focusing on!

  • Client Attraction - list building
  • Revenue - ROI
  • Serving the way you love to serve - your purpose
  • Sales - in a non-salesy way
  • Freedom - the lifestyle you have always desired 

We will explore which areas you want to focus on and I’ll guide you to connect to your power, and your personal sizzle in these areas.

By doing this you will feel:

  • More understanding with who your ideal client is!
  • Ready to find your ideal clients!
  • You will fall in love with your business!
  • You will create more abundance in your business!
  • You will connect to what you REALLY want in your business and life!
  • You will become a deliberate creator of your DREAM business!
  • Clear on how to create your coaching business in the way you love!

As Your Coach, Mary Is....

Here's the thing...


You’ve been doing so much to build your business and that has left you completely confused and exhausted and now you are stuck, paralyzed, and not doing the action steps needed to create a profitable business...


I get it! I've experienced all of that!


As I was growing my business I was jumping from program to program. I was following every guru and leader doing EVERYTHING they told me to do spending over $300,000 on different ways to build my business. I was exhausted and confused. All this lead to me to be:

→ Stuck in overwhelm

→ I let myself get close to $75,000 in debt

→ I was disconnected from my husband, cheated on and ultimately divorced

→ I was 50 pounds over weight

I was lost and it showed up in EVERYTHING I did.


Once I decided that I needed to get my business back on track and do what I loved to do, it all changed and very rapidly.


I was amazed at the difference in my life.

→ I met the love of my life

→ I lost weight

→ I became debt FREE

→ My relationship with my ex-husband became peaceful and respectful

→ My children are happy and do things they love to do.

→ My creative flow became my driving force.

→ I found myself laughing more, working with people I loved, and building a business that allowed me the lifestyle I have always dreamt of having.


I made the decision to build my business connected to my truth, my personal power, in my own unique, beautiful way and now I want you to experience the same!


I’m living fully in alignment with my dream business and my love life and prosperity are flourishing beyond my wildest dreams.


I'm sharing this with you because I know what it feels like to be lost, confused, disconnected from what you really want, and completely worried about what my life would be like if I stayed on that path.


Honestly, you can’t afford NOT to make your business a  priority.


Without a solid connection to your style and how you want your business to look, attracting your ideal client, having a working sales funnel, knowing your success will ever be fully enjoyed.


Working with a coach is truly a magical experience.


My life is where it is today because I constantly work to stay connected to my truth, power, and unique desires. I've worked with high level coaches gaining all the knowledge I have regarding proven strategies and system, along with unstoppable mindset!


Coaching is the key!


The one-on-one accountability allows for incredible shifts and awareness.


Imagine what working with me would look like once you connect to your personal style, create powerful sales funnels, know your unique messaging that allows you to stand out from the crowd, step into your power, and becoming consistently profitable.


I provide guidance and support so you can create a business filled with your dream clients, doing exactly what makes your heart sing in your business!


I’ve coached hundreds of women seeking a change in every area of life, whether its love, money, health, career, or spirituality, I've got you covered!


When working together, you will experience my unique formula of combining proven strategies and powerful mindset techniques that help you move past any block that you're experiencing. I am down to earth and a little woo-woo all in one! You get the best of both worlds.


You’ll be guided to connect to your truth, your personal power, and your unique message so you can attract your ideal client and build the business you love. By doing this you will create calm confidence, peace of mind, and a clear path to living life on your terms, in your way!




The work WE will do, will help you create an amazing business serving the clients you LOVE, CONSISTENT revenue, and guide you to live your life in abundance, prosperous way (in what ever way that looks for you).


It's your time right now or you wouldn't have brought this opportunity into your awareness!

" I have found regular guidance from Mary extremely beneficial. Highly recommend working with Mary to make decisions big and small as well as to get an overview of things to come!"

Laura Michelle Powers
Actress, Model, Author
Here are a few areas of focus:




  • Design your ideal BUSINESS – what LIGHTS you up?
  • Learn to prioritize the things you must do to attract your ideal client!
  • Learn to say no to things you HATE doing in your business without any guilt!
  • Learn how to step into what you truly want in your business, set healthy boundaries, and create win/win situations with others!
  • Learn to slow down and FEEL into your true desires around your clients and your business!
  • Learn to trust yourself and follow your intuition and release doubt and fear once and for all!





  • Learn ways to ACCEPT all PARTS of yourself in gentle, loving, and easy ways that support your business!
  • Learn to honor your body, your vessel that leads you through life and gives you energy to build the business you desire!
  • Learn to connect to your intuition, your emotions, and your power so you attract your ideal client!
  • Start seeing your own unique power and start serving those who need you!
  • Learn how to honor yourself and others so you create a win/win relationships with your clients!
  • Remember your birthright of prosperity!


  • Learn to recognize how your UNCONSCIOUS patterns, beliefs, and thoughts are creating blocks, stopping you from creating your dream business!
  • Become aware of how you are co-creating EVERY moment of your life!
  • Learn how to be a deliberate creator, taking control of your business, revenue, and well-being in all areas of your life!
  • Learn to let go of past stories that keep you bound to the old you!
  • Learn how to create LASTING change by raising your emotions creating PURE prosperity!
  • Learn how to make powerful decisions that lead you on the path of your dreams!
  • Become the POWERFUL, unstoppable, coach, consultant, or healer you are meant to be!


  • Learn to be the leader you are meant to be!
  • Confidently take a stand for issues you are passionate about!
  • Become visible in a compassionate and loving way that attracts the perfect client to you!




  • Discover when the right time to add programs and services to your clients!
  • How to step out and be seen through the media!
  • How to create a business plan that serves your clients while building your business to a higher level!
  • Have unwavering confidence that you are on the right path!


  • Learn different way to manifest money in your business!
  • Identify hidden ways to build abundance in your business!
  • Get clarity on your purpose and how you can turn that into profit!
  • Learn ways to get out of debt!
  • Start building your own fortune!

This Is For You If....

You're Ready To Attract Your Ideal Clients!

You're ready to get off the hamster wheel of the "shiny object syndrome" and start doing what you were put on Earth to do as a coach, consultant, or healer! 

You're Ready For Prosperity in Your Business!

You're done doing business in the same old way! You are ready for something different. You are ready for revenue, ROI, and ABUNDANCE!

You're Ready To Take Action Around Your Business !

You realize you need to take the steps in order to attract your ideal client and build the business you love, and you want a formula and guidance along the way!

Over the course of 6 MONTHS, you’ll receive:


  • 12 x 45 Minute sessions + 1, 60 Minute Discovery session where we’ll explore exactly what you want your dream business, ideal client, revenue, & financial situation to look like. We will develop the plan immediately so you can start attracting your dream business. You will become a deliberate creator.
  • You’ll receive action steps each session that will help you to implement the changes and hold you accountable to your commitments.
  • You'll receive both traditional coaching tools and energy work during each call to create clarity on the next steps you can take, best times to implement, and shift and blocks you are experiencing. This can be in the form of strategies, mindset, working with your subconscious mind, Law of Attraction processes, meditation, and reiki.
  • All sessions are recorded and delivered to you by Zoom
  • Slack Support Monday - Friday for continued support - Weekends are for you to rejuvenate (You need to practice what I teach!)
  • 2 x 30 Minute Emergency sessions - use these when you run into a snag and need some quick guidance and support.
  • And special bonuses such as open office hours and special classes covering business building and client attraction.




If you are called to do this work, trust yourself and fill out the application below. If you are a fit for this program, someone from my team will schedule a strategy call with you. 


Fill out the application below and let's get you on the path to THRIVE!