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with Mary Silver MSW

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Yes, I want Mary to help me write my book!


What's the difference between a Best-Selling Author entrepreneur and you?

When you have a book written and published, the doors open up for you. People see you as the authority in your field.

Check out the opportunities that open for you when you showcase your book!

📚 Invitations to speak on stages.
📚 Invitations to speak on podcasts.
📚 Attract soulmate clients who love your work.
📚 Positions you as the leading expert on your topic, making it easier to command higher price points along your customer's journey.
📚 An aligned path to creating a profitable business you love.

And that's just the beginning!
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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You post all over social media and get little business opportunities
  • You're overwhelmed and frustrated because you don't stand out in a sea of others
  • You want a streamlined process that helps you generate income doing your purpose work


You know things need to change...

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you're sick of
feeling unnoticed

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you're sick of
wasting time trying to learn the latest and greatest technique or strategy

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you're tired of trying everything and making little progress

Believe me, I get it, and there is a better way that is time-tested and true!

You don't have to go at it alone,

hoping and wishing that something will payoff!

When you started out online, you wanted to create an impact and help others with the work you were put on earth to do!

You didn't realize that your dream was a business, and you had a lot to learn about running a business, so you went out and learned every strategy and technique the latest and greatest guru was teaching.

You're left spinning your wheels trying out these scattered strategies.

You post all over social media and make little progress.

You feel lost and confused.

And when you see someone who started out after you knocking it out of the park, you feel resentful because you're doing everything, and it still isn't working!

It's getting tiring trying to do All.The.Things it takes to make that impact, not to mention making a living that supports your family by bringing in a nice income.


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Be the leading expert in your field where people approach you and want you to help them because they already know, like, and trust you, making sales easy and fun!

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Have a time-tested and true strategy that never gets old and people trust!

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Have a streamlined process for your customer journey, making it easy to know how and when you're going to make money.

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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.


The Write Frame of Mind 

Book Writing Mastermind

with International Best-Selling Author,

Mary Silver MSW

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A 10-month supportive group program where you’ll discover how to make more money, grow your business, and up-level your life in every way with your best-selling book.



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Hey there, I'm Mary Silver.

The best-selling author of Impact Millions - The Easiest Way to Attract Soulmate Clients Every Day.

I help coaches, aspiring authors, & visionaries get their message out in a BIG way by writing their best-selling books, so they can Impact Millions, work with their soulmate clients, create aligned profit paths, and design their online dynasty. I'm is a master at mindset and help my clients take the action needed through intuition and proven strategies to create a business they love.

I received my Master’s degree in Social Work in 1997, became a certified Law of Attraction Coach in 2008, hold numerous other certifications such as a Rapid Results Coach, Business Breakthrough Coach, and Cash Injection Certified Coach, and have spent over 20 years in the professional field of helping people get what they want. I'm passionate about helping women gain financial independence and freedom by building an online empire that is fueled by their passions!

I was featured in Yahoo Finance as One of the Top 10 Success Coaches to Follow in 2021. I have been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ASK, Thrive Global, Bustle, Medium, and many other media outlets. I'm an award-winning coach named one of the top professionals in her field in 2018. 

Other Certifications and Licenses: Certified Accountability Coach, Certified Business Model Breakthrough Coach, Certified Cash Injection Coach, Certified Content Marketing Coach, Reiki, Licensed Astrology and Numerology Practitioner, Human Design Level 3, Bob Proctor Coaching Graduate

Ready to change your life & business?



Here's how it all shakes out...

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Map Out Your

Best-Selling Book

Together we'll map out your best-selling book that showcases your very best work!

Here's what you're going to discover:

  • How to WOW your reader, giving you instant credibility
  • How to organize your book so your reader goes on a natural journey through your purpose work, making them aware of your style and abilities
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Create Aligned Profit Paths

Together we'll design a customer journey that showcases your purpose work and brings in more money consistently.

Here's what you're going to discover:

  • How to attract soulmate clients at any level they can afford, making sales so much more fun and easy
  • How to convert readers into dream clients without sleazy 
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Write Your Best-Selling Book!

Where your action takes on a new life!

Here's what you're going to discover:

  • How to write a best-selling book fast!
  • What needs to be in your book (hint - most new authors miss this completely)
  • How to create a title for your book that aligns with your brand and helps you stand out of the crowd
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Self-Publish Your Book

Put it all together and create your lasting legacy!

Here's what you're going to discover:

  • How to self-publish so you retain the majority of your royalties
  • The do's and don't of publishing on Amazon (you don't want to mess this up, or you will lose all rights to use the platform)
  • Tips and tricks to ensure you hit best-seller status when you launch your book


You're also going to get access to:

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 The Author Authority Acceleration Code

A proven process that shows you how to write your book that showcases your unique method, builds instant authority, attracts your soulmate clients, and sets you up for financial success!

Value = Over $1,500.00

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The Aligned Profit Formula

Are you ready to align your dreams and your profits?

In this online course, you will discover how to create a path to making more money, attract soulmate clients on repeat, and be seen as the go-to expert in your field while designing a wildly successful online dynasty!

Value = Over $2,000.00

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 The Book Launch Blueprint

Book Launch Blueprint is for visionaries and online coaches who want to be seen as an authority using a simple 3 step formula, including the:
* Brilliant Book Tour Planner
* Be a Best Seller and the 
* Dream Business Journal.
Value = Over $400.00

Ready to snag over $3,500 in bonuses?



Here's what you get when you join.

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Individual Monthly Voxer coaching directly with Mary
(value = $15,000)
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Live Monthly Group Calls With Mary
(value = $10,000)

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Private invitation to The Write Frame of Mind Mastermind Community
(value = $5,000)

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Bonus #1: The Author Authority Acceleration Code
(value = $1,500)
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Bonus #2: The Aligned Profit Formula Online Course
(value = $2,000)
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Bonus #3: The Book Launch Blueprint
(value = $400)
When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $33,900,

but you can book your consultation today for free to see if you're a fit for The Write Frame of Mind Mastermind Program.


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Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

When you have a best-selling book your life and business become so much easier. Instead of chasing clients, people find you and already know, like, and trust you, making sales easy and fun again!

You develop a streamlined way to attract soulmate clients into your sphere of influence

You're seen as the go-to leader in your industry

You're asked to speak at events and on podcasts


While showcasing your purpose work!

You won't have to find different ways to sell your services because it's already mapped out for you and your clients through the brilliance of your best-selling book. So what are you waiting for?

Book Your Call To See if The Write Frame Of Mind Mastermind is a fit for you!

No questions! I'm ready for this!

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You are so ready for this journey.



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