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Are you ready to POWERFULLY step into your business and attract your soulmate clients?

You've decided to start your heart-based service business.

That is SO exciting, as the world needs you!


You know that you are meant to spread your message and service others in a big way.


You're meant to be the the leader and authority in your area of expertise.


You have a BIG purpose in life and you are extremely passionate about that purpose. Part of that mission is to help others create a transformation in some area of their life.


The problem is that once you set out to help all these people, you had to find them and attract them to work with you. Then you hit a brick wall.


You didn't realize you would have to market and sell to the people you're meant to serve......and that feels heavy!


Now I have to ask you:

Are you feeling stuck and confused?  Does your client calendar have more empty spacing than you care to admit and you're wondering if you are really cut out to make your dream business work? 


Are you feeling lost and unsure of how to move forward in your business? 


Are you struggling to manifest more wealth and prosperity through your business? 


Or maybe, you have tried a few things but keep getting pulled in other directions so nothing seems to stick.  


What you do know is that your business struggles are impacting your life in every way and you want that to change.


Here's the good news!  There are no accidents in life. You're on this page because you are meant to be here. The reason you are having these issues show up is because you don't have a plan! By showing up on this page, the Universe is telling you there is another way and the formula is here.  


Would you agree, it's time to make a change?

Let Me Know!

Are you ready to be the leader, to be the authority in your field? Are you ready to attract more of your soulmate clients in a way that feels authentic to you? In a way that lights you up while leaving behind the confusion and overwhelm?


Do you have a deep desire to help people while having more freedom and you just need some guidance to receive the dream clients you can't wait to serve?


Are you searching for a mentor who will guide you to manifest your dream business, will guide you to creating a formula to fill up your client schedule, and support you all the way to your success?  A mentor that knows you deserve all of this and SO much more?


Someone that believes in you and SEES you for who you are here to be in life? Someone who supports you in the way you want to build your business.

You can attract your soulmate clients, the schedule you want, and make money doing what you where put on Earth to do!

Mary is passionate about helping people who are the visionaries, the creatives, the ones who want to change the world, who are struggling with attracting their soulmate client and having a system for consistent revenue. 


She helps them connect to their  dream business, attract the right clients, and bring in revenue. 


In her process, she uses your energy and what you REALLY want and mixes that with proven strategies and powerful mindset techniques that empower her clients to embrace ALL that they are here to do and create a lasting plan for their business.


She encourages her clients to create a business the love working with only their ideal clients.


When you work with Mary, you will discover:


→ How to unleash your true leadership potential!

→ What it means to create the business you love by being 100% you, in ways that feel SO good and that create change!

→ How to become passionate and excited to serve your clients!


→ How to leave behind confusion and overwhelm!


→ How to get off the hamster wheel of the "shining object syndrome" and finally start serving your purpose and soulmate clients!


→ Finally create the freedom and money you desire!

You will have a mentor by your side guiding you and supporting you every step of the way.


Mary is dedicated to showing people they can have a business full of passion, love, and joy.


Her unique gift is the ability to take traditional and spiritual tools and combine them into a process where your unique energy, gifts,  and strengths, become clear to you become the powerful leader you're meant to be so you attract your soulmate clients and make more money in your business.

Becoming clear on who you are here to serve, empowers you to take inspired action that attracts to you better clients, more prosperity and wealth while feeling confident, peaceful, and fulfilled.

Create Your Profitable Dream Business Now!

About Mary Silver MSW

Mary Silver MSW is the best-selling author of Impact Millions- The Easiest Way to Attract Soulmate Clients Every Day who helps coaches, healers, visionaries, messengers, and heart centered service providers get their message out in a BIG way, so they can Impact Millions, work with their soulmate clients, while making the money they desire. She is a master at mindset and helping her clients take the action needed through intuition and proven strategies to create a business they love.


She received her Master’s degree in Social Work in 1997, became a certified Law of Attraction Coach in 2009, holds numerous other certifications such as a Rapid Results Coach, Business Breakthrough Coach, Cash Injection Certified Coach and has spent over 20 in the professional field of helping people get what they want. She is passionate about helping women gain financial independence and freedom by building an online business that is fueled by their passions!


She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ASK, Thrive Global, Bustle, Medium, and many other media outlets. She is an award winning coached named one of the top professionals in her field in 2018. 


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