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No matter where you're starting on your book-writing journey, Mary has a level of support for you.

Write Frame of Mind Writing Retreats

Build powerful connections while writing your best-selling book. Spend time dedicated to writing your book while receiving support and guidance to ensure the success of your book!

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Write more, have fun, be guided, and discover tips and tricks for writing your best-selling book with a supportive community!

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Get ongoing high level of support with the Write Frame of Mind Mastermind. Limited to serious authors who are dedicated to writing their best-selling books and building a profitable business around their books.

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Hi, I'm Mary, and I've been using my love of writing to build a business I love for the last 15 years. Find me on Pinterest and YouTube and start writing your way to your authorship goals.

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In order to have a book you must write. Scheduling a time and having a supportive group to cheer you on are the perfect way to get your best-selling book written. Incorporate the two and keep yourself motivated like never before. 

Connect With Like-Minded Authors

Connecting with other writers is both pleasurable and needed. To have people cheering you on and supporting you along the way, you are so much more likely to achieve that best-seller status you long for!


The best part about writing a best-selling book is that it makes you the authority in your field and helps you stand out from a sea of others offering similar services as you. Mary's services include helping you self-publish your book so you can retain more profit!

What can you expect from Mary Silver's services?

Mary's Write Frame of Mind services are focused on helping you write and self-publish your best-selling book. Writing your book is supposed to be fun and exciting and with Mary's help, it easily becomes as such. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter what level of support you chose, you can count on three things:

Best-Selling Writing Sprints

Dedicated time to focus on nothing but writing your best-selling book.

Monthly Workshops

We’ll mix it up: different tools, different techniques, and a different topic in each class.


Every month, you'll have a dedicated Q & A session to ensure you're getting all your questions answered. 

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$349 Annual Founders Rate

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  • Writing Prompts, Templates, Guidance, & More
  • Supportive Community
  • Networking & Private invite to member only events.
  • Ongoing Workshops and Support with International Best-Selling Author, Mary Silver MSW!
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Need support with writing your best-selling book that is centered around your purpose work showcasing your very best work, helping you be seen as the authority in your field?

Join the membership today and receive monthly workshops, exclusive templates, monthly group support, writing sprints, and networking opportunities with like-minded authors!

Lance Fitzsimmons

"Mary is very intuitive in the work she does. She gives practical and easy-to-follow advice. Mary is very personable and easy to work with!"

Sue Vannice

"Mary is an incredible blessing. Yes, I pay her, and she's worth every penny!"

Penny Boyd

"Thank you for a very empowering session, it was very gratifying and I reflect on it with new references, you are truly gifted in your field.."

Karen Scharf

"I would highly recommend Mary's program. It's totally worth it."

Kathy Schmerzler

"Working with Mary one on one has been one of the best decisions for both my life and business. If you're thinking of having a mentor by your side, totally honest, rooting for you and helping you at your level, Mary Silver is the one for you!"

Rach Wilson

"Things in my business are working out so much better and easier knowing the information Mary has given me."

Have fun and write your best-selling book, even if don't know where to start! 


You don't have to be an expert in writing to get your best-selling book written and self-published. We have a variety of options to help you along your writing journey.

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