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Meet Mary

Mary helps women to connect to the energy they were born with using positive psychology, numerology, and astrology so they can learn to thrive in love and life! Everyone has the power to create an amazing, empowering, and supportive relationship!  She is passionate about connecting people to all they are so they can develop a loving relationship for themselves! 

Mary received a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1997.  She is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Angel Card Reader, and a Licensed Astro-Numerolist.  She is a Quantum Success Coaching graduate, Landmark Education graduate and a Bob Proctor Coaching graduate.  She has spent over 14 years working with individual and groups empowering them to create the life they have always wished for!

She empowers you to go from where you are in your life to where you want to be by using her unique system that finds your natural desires and passion you were born with.  Once you have explored this system, you have unlocked the key to connecting deeply to a beautiful and loving relationship!

Mary is a coach, speaker, teacher, and a published author.  She has been featured on the homepage of as an expert writer on Success Skills. She has spent years studying the Laws of the Universe and how they play a part of our lives and relationships.  She believes that everyone has the ability to create a deeply loving, supportive and passionate relationship!


"I've seen incredible results from working with Mary, she's an expert in the law of attraction, highly intuitive, and over delivers every time! Mary goes above and beyond for her clients. "
– Andrea M. Costantine
"I’ve experienced Mary’s baseline coaching program and it was excellent. I was amazed at how much Mary was able to uncover about myself and my business. Her insight caused me to look at my business from a whole new perspective. If you are starting a business, a new career, or taking your business in a new direction, I would highly recommend Mary’s baseline program. It can be done over the phone and the return on your investment is totally worth it!"
– Karen Scarf 

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